MoHawk V3: where we saw

The world all sorts of weird moving pieces, acquired a new creature. The technical name of this kind of MoHawk V3, and it seems to us, hell of a lot like all other such things. According to the producers, and such producers say very often: MoHawk V3 is an innovative thing for city dwellers who don’t want to stand in traffic jams on the way to work and back.»

This vehicle is a platform with two paired 35-inch inflatable wheels. And even the presence of two of the wheels did not protect «MoHawk» from the typical form of a one-wheeled electric bike. One gets the feeling that we’ve seen. But brainy engineers are trying to construct the perfect vehicle for the city, which will not pollute the nature and is very compact. But, in fact, we would still prefer tubes and conventional machine, right?

However, unlike the unicycle, the «MoHawk» has advantages from the point of view of the manufacturer. One of these benefits is named a retractable seat that has a width of 17 inches. In our view such a width utterly inadequate to proudly be called «comfortable». Besides, if you don’t move, you stay on it problematic. Gyro the wonder wheel does not have the right balance. But it keeps you in motion, which is not bad.

He Mohawk V3 is equipped with a bright and easy to use touch screen. To enable this «monster», just enough to push the button and slide your finger to the right. As soon as Mohawk V3 is enabled, it will activate the gyros and starts balancing. Real robotics. The platform on which the driver puts his feet, fairly durable, but are only a few centimeters from the ground that makes me think that the road must be smooth. And platform, and seats can be decomposed a forgotten way of ancient ancestors – with the help of hands.

Mohawk speed V3 can be called eerily slow, but fast it is not exactly call. Only 18 km/h. Full charge will be enough for some 24 full kilometer. Some of us walk some more and pass a day. From the point of view of this environmentally friendly method of transportation, Mohawk quite sharply cornering. Safe enough on wet pavement and even leans 18 degrees to the side.

Everything else, this thing is equipped with extra buns, which do not affect the quality of movement. You can highlight bluetooth, powerful sound system, headlights. Great for the drunk student who comes back from the bar. On a normal car impossible, and then you and music, and Shine in the eyes of passers-by. And only $ 699. That is, if you want to sell a marvel of Indian engineering, you can use the money to buy 2 more of these one-wheeled, electric-bike, which does not need rights. Even a few hundred will remain a bargain.

Smooth roads – that is necessary for normal movement. However, you can try happiness on mountainous terrain. They say that good footwork and hips will give you the opportunity to move. You need to buy only for fun and extra $ 699. As a means of transportation for urban intellectuals thing is extremely sad.

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