Modular paintings: decorate the den of a man

You may think that none of us care about the look of the walls in our homes, «the interior Design? What? Not heard! There is a bed, a refrigerator and a rubber woman. That’s enough for me!» But if you thought about the interior design of your home, and you live alone.

The house of man, except what should be of good quality, should be also aesthetically attractive. It will not make you a metrosexual, just a developed sense of beauty always goes in your favor.

In the name of the material you saw the phrase «modular pattern» and may not even know what a modular pattern different from the ordinary. Although we are sure that you see a lot of them in my lifetime. Modular picture, if we talk quite simply, it’s one picture made up of several parts. Now you must remember all the components of the paintings that are seen in offices, in houses of friends. Maybe you didn’t like it then, but that does not mean that this is a bad choice for the interior. The fact that just need to be able to choose, because a lot depends on the layout of your room, light and furniture arrangement. Even your height and affects how you perceive a movie.

A modular pattern, despite the fact that now they have a surge in popularity, the thing is quite old. Even the old masters of the Renaissance loved to build a composition of several pictures. The most brutal components of the paintings, of course, was the Dutch genius of Hieronymus Bosch. If you like rock-n-roll song AC/DC «Highway to Hell», then pay attention to the painting «the last judgement» and «the Garden of Earthly Delights». Such things are eternal and breathtaking.

For example, a win-win option would be the image of the city at night. Especially if you live in a new apartment with a futuristic design and come home only in the evening. You walk home, and there’s such beauty on the wall. From the heart rejoices and the feeling of film Noir neon at heart. was not a fool and not just painted on multiple canvases. Therefore, we argue that modular paintings have their own unique advantages:

The first and most obvious advantage is originality. If you want to pass a creative person and not devoid of taste, you could buy a similar picture and hang it, say, over the bed. But it’s corny, sure, it sounds unfounded. Therefore, in our Arsenal there are still a few more sophisticated arguments in favor of composite paintings.

For example, the dynamics. So, the artist shows her mastery of movement into her work. I look at a static picture, and it seems that it moves – it means that the artist was cool. But now, in the era of the Internet and HD picture, it can seem insufficient. The breakdown into several parts will allow you to create the illusion of motion – that is good to modules.

Interior. Sometimes, to balance all the components of the interior, you need to hang on the wall, something that would not be standard geometric shapes. A regular poster will not be enough, but with a composite pattern are all different. For example, a nightstand and a bed prevent complete composition of the room. This happens a lot. You have started feeling that the objects, furniture, an aquarium and a cat are in the wrong place. Begin to rave about the fact that I don’t understand why you have the feeling. But an exit would not be a mass relocation, and the purchase of necessary in the form of modular pattern. Thus you will save your own nerves, and the wall will appear to be the dwelling of the God Apollo.

And we like the components of the pictures so that you can highlight any specific area to focus. Each component will represent a coherent picture that can be used without other parts. You can even one piece to hang in the bathroom and another in the pantry, and the third in the bedroom. Although, of course, more interesting would be to create a composition, because the modules and the modules that you choose how to place them and what to do with them.

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