Modesty as a criterion of a worthy man

Modern culture, I hope you will not blame us for senile grumbling, doomed to cheap theatrical gestures. Look at all these short video blogs, which are knocked out in the top with its definitely primitive, a few wild sense of humor (ahah, see what’s making the face!). The social network changed man, changed man. For the better? God knows, it seems to us that that would not be good. We see people grimace flaunt their «successes», the state and even in some sense intelligence.Everyone rummages in his swamp and tries to become unique and special person. But this is not because of the achievements, not through hard work, and with a gesture: you’re out with your bare ass on the town square, coated with feces and shout: «Yes, I am, and if you don’t like it, you suck!» Of course, many people will clap, whistle, you can do idol, and can reset the stage. However, after all this action you realize how empty your life was, and how the expectations do not match reality. And there is no difference, where is this scene: in a professional field or on the Internet or in the company of friends. The result is always the same.

Modern society considers modesty some vestige, which determines the losers, or something that adorns a woman, but not a brutal man, who needs to rant and rave, and talking loudly about himself. However, when you face a grin hard life, extreme, you realize that this is the human quality that separates you from his animal side. What’s wrong with the beast inside of you, I hope no need to explain.

Primary virtue

So, back to basics. Why modesty at all times and in all cultures it was considered a positive quality? You can, of course, to give any religious reason, but the truth lies on the surface. The bulk of the people live worse than average. There’s always a class of rich and abysmal poor. And, of course, the main part of the population there is a certain line, beyond which the rich don’t wanna move, otherwise they will face a very unhappy time, which is referred to as a revolution.

When we see how serious the difference between the incomes of the majority of the population and the elite, the head is just a thought: «the work I chose for myself?» How smoothed out the corners? If to speak about natural solution that has been in Vogue in the Russian aristocrats, it is trivial modesty. If merchants and traders allowed himself to show the right and left of their wealth, that nobles, as a rule, does not like to dwell on this. In the late nineteenth century, before all other things, was a well-known tradition (whether it was some Christian holiday, I do not remember), when the representative of a noble family washed the feet of his servants, peasants, workers. Now, perhaps, it would look weird if our officials washed the feet of some homeless people or workers of the metallurgical factory. The same can be said about such a formation as «gentlemen», which are its tradition directly from the chivalry of the Renaissance. However, the Institute «gentleman» has long decayed in the Western world, and we have, in fact, never existed. But we really believe that society will be much less irritation, if every wealthy person ceases to exhibit their wealth or status, as something that elevates it above the others. It is simple rules of decency, about which often forget.

Full control over mind and body

If you’re a modest drink, food, clothing, then you are not a monk from a backwater, not a Martyr and not a hermit. If you limit yourself to material goods or use only what you need, then you’re the one person who completely controls your mind and body. You don’t climb Everest if you’re tied to the Parmesan and a warm bed, you’re not going to cross the Atlantic on a ship, if you can’t go a day without a nice piece of meat. And could the Roman soldiers to pass such a victorious way through the world, if their life was carefree, irresponsible and full of frills?

Many will say: «Why limit myself if I have the money and opportunity?» Well then, friend, it comes to the power of your personality. If you can’t control your property, it controls you. Like said El Presidente.

Nobody likes shy guys, but…

But a little sympathy from girls. And here’s the thing: if you have any achievements, and you on every corner to report his girlfriend, the result will be the suppression of her personality. She or he feels his insignificance (in that case, if you believe you, or feels hatred (in that case, if you conceited bastard). So, we must clearly understand that shyness and modesty – not synonyms. If you’re shy, then you, as a rule, and achievements will not have any. You just can’t get outside their proverbial comfort zone. But the shy ones – is another matter. They do not need to assert themselves at the expense of the failures, the mistakes of other people. They understand that people have different abilities and it is better to give advice than to tell their story of success» when that «success story», among other things, is highly questionable.

Less talk and more do, then you will popular among the fair sex. At least resourceful among women.

Modesty is a sign of taste

There is still such an important part of modern life style. And men don’t expect what you expect from a peacock or Arab Sheikh. If you see an unhealthy bias, I know that guy, something’s not right. In the tradition of some cultures to display their material advantages on display: blatant sports car, expensive watch, jewelry, a bunch of junk, but the crazy cost of accessories. But in civilized society it is called «Gypsy», which clearly says what the intellectual level in front of you people, and whether to deal with him.

There are certain standards that should be followed just for the sake of decency, but everything else looks cheap and tacky even if you have the pockets of millions.

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