Modern tree house


In the childhood dreamed of a tree house, because it is such a lovely place to unwind, sit and relax, play with friends. Of course, there was no outlet, and consequently, there could not connect «Dandy», and the whole tree house was still a dream.

In fact, some people in our newsroom wistfully recall seeing the neighbor’s kids huge tree house (at least it seemed so as a child) and was jealous. Now many bro have a real opportunity to realize a childhood dream, which proposes to implement the website This website is engaged in development and creation of various models of spherical tree houses. Here to you and a tent to sleep in the campaign, and here something like a bench hammock to take with me to the sea here and good hanging gazebo to hang in a country house. A great thing. And some bro persistently bought this tent to paint her under the Death Star. We can understand them.


But the price bites: $ 7,991.00 for a medium size tent.

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