Modern taboo: what do guys never do together

Mind you, I wrote: «shouldn’t have». I don’t think so. As for me, let them do it, but everything in society is reliant on more than one person. All about social pressure and conventions, which have penetrated all spheres of our life. They dictate who owes what to whom. These unwritten rules are, in principle, it is possible to break: to prison for it will not plant and will not sling mud. However, you will feel uncomfortable and need to look away from the person with whom you do it, or where you decided to talk about it. Here they are, the vile, the hated and all-powerful social norm against dudes:

1. Dance

Or very personal, or public process. We dance when we are well when we feel in the form or when they are with a woman (and dance too). If you’re hanging out with your friend and each of you has a girl to dance with her, well, very well. However, as soon as the girls disappear from view and you’re left alone, you have nothing to worry about. The situation immediately begins to seem inadequate, you think about their movements and thus move in ugly, and this implies the following point: you fear that dude over you acne. Is an uncomfortable situation. Although there have been in my life and dancing alone with bro under composition glamorous one nigger and nothing, all alive and happy with each other.

2. Split dessert

In the fabric of stereotypical human thinking is firmly interwoven with the belief that a man must eat a lot (and preferably meat). Appetizers made to share, especially if each of you there is still the main dish. Even the main course can be split if it is cool burgers and you want to try and that and the other. However, under any circumstances, dudes do not share dessert. It is designed for either one person, or for the man who came to dinner with a girl. You kind of ate appetizer and main course, and want only palkoska pie? Bad, dude. Very bad. And the egg you got one too? You can order one piece of pie and two spoons. It is against the system. Call it what you want, but it goes against social norms for men. The men did not eat one piece of cake for the two of you will be uncomfortable.

3. Joint crossbows

Generally, the word «bow» is meaningless, because it is associated with the military at times when subject to call men deliberately maimed themselves to avoid going to the front (or the soldiers themselves shot himself in the arm or leg to be sent to a hospital far away). This garbage was called «crossbow». What can you do, our time is not so strict, and this word is now called self-shot — shot myself with my own hands.

You, your friend and a beautiful girl? The crossbow immediately! As soon as you friend leaves, no more crossbows, as well? Strange phenomenon. When you receive the idea to be photographed? When the two of you are in the room or toilet. If in these places someone would think that, all eyes on me. When two dudes totuutta together, and then spread the resulting product to the public, it is socially unacceptable! Maybe I should condemn you and will not be but approved, you will not wait.

4. To go to the bathroom together

No one asks another guy to go with him to the bathroom. It’s one thing when you aren’t saying a word up at the same time — this is normal, just a coincidence. In the bathroom you can talk, make jokes, and the like. All of this is normal, because your simultaneous presence in the toilet — pure coincidence. But when you ask a friend to go with you to the bathroom, you immediately plant the awkwardness. Girlfriends do that all the time, but for men it for some unknown reason, is socially unacceptable.

5. To drink wine together

Beer — please. Whiskey — please. Vodka — Yes for God’s sake! Wine… How this all could come to a head? It’s one thing when you’re drinking wine with a girl or in big companies put the bottle on the table-second — here all easily fit in the norm. Another thing — when you offer a guy a drink of wine. Moreover, under the words «drink wine» you don’t mean «drink half a bottle of that a month are in the fridge» and «buy a bottle of this-rastacore, I have long wanted». Sorry, dude. So it is not done. No wine.

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