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Summer is coming to an end, and if the vacation you have already visited and active are fed up with life, it’s time to think about the very spiritual food. Many argue that to lie on the couch and stare at the box is the fu, and to ride a bike is cool. To argue here about, both interesting, fun and useful, besides, not a hindrance.

Serials sometimes be a good book, of course we are not talking about soap operas about love and tears, and those shows that are like mostly dudes (though with some girlfriends, too). Here’s 10 to start men’s series, if you’re a beginner serialopen.

1. Californication / salifornication (2007 – 2014)

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_7DRwvpJm2UXMMWomen, good booze, and sports – themes, catchy most dudes. «Californian» they are well revealed. The series tells about how to find a way out of the piquant situation, even if you are a professional in the field of the fast life.

In the role of playboy (writer Hank Moody David Duchovny (by the way, he reveals in a new way, cosmically distant from Mulder in «the x-files»). Relationship with this character you will feel from the first seconds of the first series. Rate it faster, dude.

In the show a lot of Boobs, sex and all that girl called vulgarity.

– How are you?

Seven shades of shit.

2. Prison Break / Prison Break (2005 – 2009)

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_CVrwXw7mSwNLkHow many movies about prison escapes have you seen? And how many of them? Right, more than fans of Stas Mikhailov. So, «Escape» is the largest series on this topic. To tell you about the plot of the original show: – too many sharp bends, branches, and interesting characters. But if suddenly in the middle of the 2nd season you would think that the TV series «lost», you’d be on to something. The specifics of the confined space influenced the development of «Escape», but to watch it is for the sake of the ending. Just don’t confuse it with the Russian remake, it’s dangerous for the psyche.

– There are more fastest way to solve your problem.

– Is there a more clever way.

3. Breaking bad Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_gRFWod9HxYBZ7You probably had at least once to hear about this series. This is not surprising: since the release it went viral. About the astonishing story of Walter white says so much that you just want to share statistics about the show:

  • Breaking bad entered the Guinness book of records 2014 as the «show with the highest rating» (scored 99 points out of 100 on the portal MetaCritic).
  • One of the episodes of the 4th season critics recognized the best scene that was ever shown on TV.
  • The series won the AFI award, 2nd prize «Golden globe» and 9 awards «Emmy».
  • The last episode of the series on channel AMC looked 10.3 million viewers (a world record for cable television in this genre)
  • The approximate cost of making one episode – $ 3 million. The series contains 62 series.

Great achievements, right? Bolder, and download the first season, friend, and then you just can’t stop.

— God! You two… If I have anal polyps, I know who to call them.

4. True detective / True Detective (2014 – …)

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_cOb21nVlxnpCvThis story is about 2 police officers, a number of Rast and Martin HART, are beginning joint work on the investigation of complicated serial killings. Rather, they began in 1995, but 17 years later there are new clues that subsequently lead to the criminal. Detectives (played by Matthew McConaughey and woody Harrelson) are interested in early closure of the long case, however, the partners also have something to hide.

«True detective» truly masculine show, because in addition to the scenes in which the beautiful half of humanity closes face with hands, there is an interesting story and genuine atmosphere of neo-Noir.

One of the main characters — Rast Number, deserves special attention, and in a few words about him will not say, just start to watch the series at least in order to hear his gloomy remarks about life, and enjoy a great game McConaughey.

«Each corpse was convinced that he was something more than a bunch of needs.»

5. Hannibal / Hannibal (2013 – …), it’s now a series! All fans of «silence of the lambs» must watch, because the series has great links to the history, which we already know. A show for fans in a loud voice exclaimed, «Damn, where I saw him!» because in the shooting participated Mads Mikkelsen (Le code of «Casino Royale»), Lawrence Fishbourne (Morpheus from «the Matrix»), Gillian Anderson (agent Scully from x-files) and many others.

In the center of the action are a gifted FBI agent will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the psychiatrist and his assistant in the investigation. Guess what salt of the plot, man? Will has a unique way of thinking, but will it help him in the fight with the most famous cinematic psychopath? Strongly recommend that while viewing to have a meal, «meat» on the screen enough.

– Long walk to the psychiatrist?

Since then, as he became a psychiatrist.

6. Sons of anarchy / Sons of Anarchy (2008 – …)

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_E9AVwPAq5kjRQWhat could be more brutal biker gang that control the order in small town California? The arms trade, fighting drug traffickers, murders…»Sons of anarchy» know how to break the rock in the hole. Each member of a private club – a unique character with their own, sometimes very dramatic history.

The plot – a continuous struggle for power in Charming, which goes on for 6 seasons. Constant battle with a rival gang, the work of the feds and the internal contradictions of the characters regularly add fuel to the fire. Critics were of particular acting of Katie Sagal, she played the role of «Queen» club «Sons of anarchy» (real bikers no women anywhere) and received a Golden globe for best actress in a television series.

— God can save you, get rid of all sins!

I appreciate your zeal, Padre, but also the sins I have nothing.

7. Sherlock / Sherlock (2010 – …)

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_RMdYgkUHQI64jWe have seen absolutely polar embodiment of the character of sir Arthur Conan Doyle – from Livanov to Robert Downey Jr. But this series is about the world famous detective special. At the behest of the authors of the script Sherlock (Benedict Camartec) literally «teleport» from the nineteenth century in contemporary England. In our day, the brilliant detective solves the same problems – investigates unusual crimes with the help of deduction, tries to neutralize Moriarty and seduces women along the way. In most cases, it helps not only faithful friend Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman), but also, for example, the Internet.

Acting Duo of Freeman and Timbertech so natural on screen that their joint work continued in the film «the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug» (the hobbit Bilbo and the dragon Smaug, respectively).

– Sherlock, please tell me you’re not crazy.

– I’ll leave you to guess.

8. The Sopranos / The Sopranos (1999 – 2007)

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_zolNvqjRf1lbAWhat are the similarities between the American family and the Italian mafia? Sometimes it happens that the boss is a Mafioso and head of the family is one and the same person. His name was Tony, he was 40, he had Luggage problems the size of new Jersey. The modern «godfather» you have to start therapy, but the sessions are always on the verge – Tony has no right to disclose information about the Affairs of the gang, otherwise your life is forfeit.

Official sources say that the show is only available to an adult audience in connection with scenes of violence, nudity and coarse expressions. In General, «the Sopranos» is a classic men’s series. And classics should be read.

«I’m like king Midas in reverse — everything I touch turns to shit.»

9. How to succeed in America / How to make it in America (2010 – 2011)

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_OrDWUkuSFm5eQUnlike the previous series, here you won’t see the violence and hear the choicest of battle. In this case, courage is something else – the show tells the story of how to succeed, anywhere (America in the title – a reference location). If so happened that you have a dream, which somehow did not happen, or do you think that for many years you are engaged in unloved business, rather, start viewing. And then you’ll understand how even the most crazy idea can become a reality, especially if a number of faithful friends, and beloved friend.

«People are afraid to share their resources.»

10. Fargo / Fargo (2014 – …)

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_hRjLHIhbJVkxzIf you believe that the series is based on real events, in 2006 in the small town of Fargo, Minnesota, was something incredible and shocking. The show is filmed in the genre of «black Comedy», but laugh much not want. Brutal Billy Bob Thornton, who played a cold-blooded killer Lorne Mavro, volunteered to help the loser Lester (and again, Martin Freeman). Like the best, but it turned out 3 of the murder, and it is only in the first series.

«Fargo» is based on the eponymous movie by the Coen brothers 1996 year, but the series is dramatically different plot twists and execution. By the way, in addition to the main cast, nominated for «Emmy», a secondary role here is played by Colin Hanks – son of Tom Hanks.

– This, however strange.

– No. The strange thing is when I found the microwave a human foot. And so, in the future.

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