Modern relationships: an inconvenient truth

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2014_sufodl96Yc6JyTime changes, the world changes, we change. They say every generation scolds the youth and condemned for the collapse of morality. What is moral, should be, were the ancient Greeks! If they heard it, they would hair stand on end. And so we live.

1. More power in the relationship is always the person they need less. Paired nobody wants to be the most interested.

2. We are trying hard to show how careless and we all fed up, answering a text after a few days. And it’s disgusting.

3. The girl who is carefree because she doesn’t care about you, different from the girl that is carefree, because crazy about you and trying to look cool. It is very hard to distinguish one from the other.

4. Telephone conversation rooted in the past. Most likely, most of your communication happens through text. This conversation goes more alienated. But there is emoticons.

5. Plans are also in the past. Now we are changing plans on the go, every minute getting news from friends and girls with social networks and SMS. If you’re not her priority, she will always respond to your invitation to «View» or «I’ll write». She will go with you only if it is not received more interesting offers.

6. The girl who will betray you, will not receive their just deserts. At least not in the near future. So often: who did a bad thing, he lives happily ever after, and the suffering remains there to weep on the ruins.

7. The same actions a girl may be regarded as romantic, and as strange. It all depends on how much she likes you.

8. Some girls just want sex, but once they you will not admit it. As practice shows, no one discusses it until it’s too late. Moreover, the question is not even integrity, and in an attempt to protect themselves from difficult situations and difficult conversations.

9. Your SMS came. If she didn’t answer, it’s not that her machine is broken.

10. A lot who is afraid of commitment and therefore try not to define their relationship, nothing to clarify. This shaky structure will stand until the first breath of wind. Any «we’re just talking» opens the way to treason, and treason is not considered, because «who are you to deny me?»

11. Social networks create for us a new temptation and opportunity for cheating. Personal messaging — another way of flirting and likes under the photos. Nobody says that to like and treason are one and the same, but with the huskies chances still increase.

12. Social networks also create the illusion of a rich selection. As a result, we, like fools, staring at a menu with attractive girls, instead of spending time with friends and family.

13. You don’t know any girl really, until povstrechalsja with her for a few months. The majority of people are afraid to be honest with unfamiliar and strange people. They are afraid to seem too available, neurotic, obsession, sweet, boring, not funny enough, not pretty enough. Fear disappears only when the appearance of stability.

14. If you like her, you have two choices: either you’ll be with her until the end of days, or one day you will divorce. It’s hard to say what worse.

15. Instead of telling you a few nice words, she is more likely to deliver vague status in «Vkontakte», published in Instagram a nice picture with a quote from a song. Even if I don’t your name, you will realize that she’s talking to you.

16. Many will not care about your relationship. If someone wants your girl he will repeatedly cross-owned with other people boundaries. It will make attempts to steal her away from you. Disgusting people.

17. If she dumps you, that can be very cruel. For example, will give you a call at any moment to throw up — all of a sudden you begin to find out the reasons. Or text, not to make excuses not to get out, answering your questions. Very comfortable, got a few lines and done.

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