Modern neurasthenia: a concerned century


Do you think time flows the same speed since the beginning of time? Maybe deprived of the consciousness of objects there are, but human life does, it becomes faster. We only had time for the twentieth century? People move from the countryside to the city, then the working day is shortened, and people have free time. The deficit is changing the availability of any goods, if not in stores, through catalogs or online. Amusement parks are filled with people: people need to forget about their problems.

Every day there is something new, evolving technology, life is moving faster than ever before. This transition does not give anyone easy. People feel that the vortex is making them sick, and bring them headaches, obesity, depression, insomnia, weakness and any other symptoms. George Miller beard first diagnosed these symptoms as neurasthenia, which he considered a consequence of the impact of modern civilization on the nervous system.

Even those who do not suffer from physical symptoms, to experience a sense of unreality. They feel helpless, anxious and concerned. Previously, the village people lived in accordance with the seasons and ate what was raised their whole life was connected with the earth. Now we huddle in small apartments, use electricity, eat semi-finished products and canned food. Machines changed our lives. Magazines, consumer goods and film has opened up a whole new world of unexplored horizons and possibilities. It seemed that life behind the door of your pulse and swing, but you can’t achieve, not how hard you try. Life has been something frivolous and unimportant in comparison with what now began to seem possible. Popular lectures, writers and charlatans promised to fix this issue, giving tips on how to find the vigor and vitality. And yet the more I searched, the more elusive she seemed.

Modern neurasthenia

About the cause of neurasthenia never argued. It is considered a mental and physical condition, and attributed to her feelings and symptoms are experiencing revival in our day. Men tend to her. And you? Check now.


  • You feel lost, anxious, helpless?
  • You feel the need to live an amazing life, and instead, have what you have now, not knowing how to achieve their goals?
  • You want your life finally start?
  • Are you worried about your life, knowing what you have to do something else, but I have no idea what?
  • You feel that you life is good and you do whatever you want, but I feel that going down, miss?


Neurasthenia occurs for the same reason as before: the culture and technology do not meet our expectations. Technologies develop very quickly when you consider the Internet, cellphones, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which help us in an instant to communicate with any person anywhere in the world. Google Maps can even show us any place on Earth, and we can get almost any information in a few clicks.

We are oversaturated with information. We always show ads, movies and television shows. How much we see rich characters, living in penthouses, throwing parties, vacationing on private Islands and the like? We consume these images show us the extraordinary lives as something ordinary.

Our minds are filled with many features that supposedly offers us the world, and technology makes us feel like these opportunities are easily attainable. But in reality-that our life has not changed. Many aspects have become easier, but many things have remained the same as before. We can real time chat with a friend on the other end of the planet, but not actually become closer to him. We can find a lot of information, but in absorption we still have time. We still have to go to work and pay bills and work on relationships.

This gap between our expectations from the world and what we get in reality is the reason modern neurasthenia. New media and technology as if put in front of us on the palm of the whole world. But we can’t grasp — a modern variation of tantalum torments. We want to get it all and neither can we. So we plunge into a depression. We are sure that all the rest of it is that they found a way. We have a feeling that somewhere beyond our life is real life. It’s like we have a lot of possibilities and solutions, and we don’t understand and don’t know what to choose. Because of this, there is a sense of helplessness and anxiety because we think we made the wrong decision. We could do so much more! But if we do something else, this idea will not disappear.


Neurasthenia was treated in the US electrotherapy, but now it sounds crazy. If our modern sense of anxiety and helplessness caused by the difference between our expectations and reality, the treatment is to close this gap. Instead of experiencing the excitement of endless opportunities in life, better pay attention to the things you really want and can do.

Find out what you can. Many men parents raised much concern. They praised us for everything, for any thing. They said that children can reach anything they want. These parents cared about their children’s self-esteem, but this concern did not teach the children to find their place in life, to use their talents and abilities. They are convinced that their potential is limitless, and now feel lost among the masses of possibilities, trying to find something that they’re good.

Every man needs to have goals and ambitions. But it needs to build expectations based on reality. Not all of us will become rich and famous. Be honest with yourself.

We all think that you can do yourself. Enough to drift on the river of endless possibilities, soberly assess their talents, put before itself the realistic goal to which they apply, under her a sail to move to his dream.

Remember: every man wants that his life was special. But no one is special. You have to understand, what exactly in your life are you going to do special. If you have realized that will never become a great writer or actor, become a brilliant friend, husband, father.

I understand that you want to do. We often feel anxiety, because the world is full of opportunities. We leaf through magazines and see how people are diving in the Caribbean sea, relax in Yellowstone national Park, hang out in new York. We turn on the TV and see how people live in cool cities and meet with beautiful women and work on interesting work. We, as hungry children in front of the confectionery, stare and think I would have chosen everything, just can’t take it. Everything looks so attractive, but achieving this is not easy. And we are going through. We have a very small network for so many fish.

We are drowning in opportunities, and we need to stay afloat. The truth is that we don’t even want it. We need to separate what we think is interesting, what we really want. You may think that you had to study abroad was to live in the big air, was blah-blah-blah. These are all «should» make you worry, but if you do not regard them as something real, and nothing to worry about.

Small steps. Sometimes I don’t want to go to the bookstore, because there are so many books, and I can’t choose. All these books should be read! And I will never be able to read everything. But the journey begins with the first step and the first step is the first book. Just take one thing and start. Often we can not choose one thing and feel miserable. We want adventure, I dream about the cool work, read a hundred books to learn craft, to dress well, but in the end sitting on the ground not able to understand what we can do. Just put the i to to act.

In the end, you will understand that real life is not somewhere out there with other people — that’s what’s happening with you right now. It’s your life. Live.

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