Modern Board games that rule. Part 2.

manygoodtips.com_1.04.2014_3C6tjwqRbzRYaOne article is not enough to tell you about all those table games that you should play with friends. However, two is not enough, but still we confine ourselves. I must say that the article was not included games such as Warhammer 40k, Dungeons&Dragons and «Twister». «Waha» was not included because it is a Board wargame «D&D» is not included because it is a role-playing system, and «Twister» is not a Board game, and on the floor. In addition, they deserve a separate article. It seems to be all figured out.

1. Jenga


The simple game invented in the distant 70-ies of the woman. Wooden bars to build the tower, after which she gradually understands play and built up. The main task of players is to destroy all that was built by drunken company so hard. Tower disassembled with only one hand and only in a certain order, of course, there are certain rules that somebody should be, but most of the play on the principle «the main thing is not to collapse». The game became massively popular, for it put world records and huge towers that fall from the tables brought to a heart attack any cat.

2. «Yes, Dark Lord!»


Game from the creators of «Munchkin», which is a thousand times greater than the level of fun of the notorious «Mafia». Drawing cards in the spirit of the original «Munchkin» in stock. In the process of the game is chosen by the Dark Lord and his hapless servant who, in the story of the game, failed once easy task. Now the servants of the losers have to justify to his master so he punished someone else. Game — a real space for talkers and people with a sense of humor. One or two people with an adequate sense of humor and gab can pull absolutely any party, turning the evening into pure improvisation in the spirit of stand-up. Will be handed out cards with ideas for excuses and card «translation arrow». In the first case, using these ideas you’ll be trying to justify himself, telling the story of another epic fail. Cards «shooter» need to be translate the conversation to other people, forcing them to make excuses. The meanness of the game is all in the same desire to substitute his neighbor, justifying even the most moronic way. Separate the meanness lies in the fact that you can randomly give out the cards without ideas and without arrows. Especially if someone is badly stirred the logs. Corporate humor series available. The dark Lord has absolute power, so it can give out the cards in their «terrible look» for anything: «servant» did not show sufficient respect, was too superfluous, too much, stammered, said illogical or just the face is not much. Three cards, «a terrible sight» — the end of the game. For those who don’t like the fantasy theme, there are other similar games, such as «Yes, Godfather.»


Very oldova game that was invented already in 1949 the clerk who moonlighted as a clown. Strange career choice, however. She was popular, and its re-release in 1991, brought her immense popularity. Of course, people’s love of detective stories with murders brought the game a huge popularity, which persists to this day. The whole point of this game is that in some house the murder took place. Players need to guess who the killer is, which is the murder weapon and where the murder was committed in the house. Using deduction, you need to determine who killed Mr. black of the six suspects. The weapons in the game are quite colorful, most important that his model is in the game box:

  • Candle holder
  • Than
  • Lead pipe
  • Revolver
  • Rope
  • Wrench

In some versions of the game lead pipe really was made out of lead that is not like that many dudes because of the harm of lead.

For many comrades the game is quite complicated and not clear, but if you have a company that is not difficult and not lazy (most important!) to understand the rules of the game.

4. Ticket to Ride


Many people like trains, but more and more people love to build. No matter what, and how, perhaps, this plays a our creative vein. In Ticket to Ride you have to build a road connecting all cities of America. The player needs not only to build the longest road that connects most points, but also to perform more mission — specific tasks, for which performance given a large number of points. Who has more points at the end of the game, he’s a cool dude and he wins. In ten years, the game has never lost its relevance, and she still enjoy playing from small to large. Of course, once was invented ports to gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets and multiple versions on the computer. To play them is easier, but somehow soulless and more for those who have not found company to play. Rules are fairly simple, although seem complicated, bring them here personally, I don’t see the point. Wants to play it with my own rules, please read.

5. «The Horror Of Arkham»


For lovers of fantasy, but rather paranoid delusions of Lovecraft, a real find. The game has a bunch of links to the works of Howard «everything» Lovecraft. Then you and Chtulhu, and Shab-Niggurath, and the Mi-Go, and other bastards of all of Lovecraft’s stories. But if you think the game is interesting only for those who in the subject, you’re wrong. In fact, it is quite interesting nastolka with role-playing component, a huge replayability due to the constantly changing conditions of high complexity and interesting gameplay. The whole point of the game is that after a certain number of moves will come real fucked up in the face of one of our favorite characters from the works of Lovecraft. And Chtulhu compared to them so… ordinary minion. Absolute randomly happening, interesting events and some mythical fear of strange beings and events are very dear to me. For the Board game «Arkham Horror» not only with interest is played again and again, but also has a huge atmospheric obscene. Reading the text on the cards in different random encounters can make you feel, if not fear, but a slight discomfort. It should be noted that the aim of the game is to prevent the arrival of one of the ancient creatures, so other players for you, not enemies, and allies. In addition, the interest of the game that you’re playing not just for himself, but for certain characters with certain characteristics. The opportunity to play for the psychiatrist, salesman, scientist, girl-psychic, pastor or a gangster who accidentally fell into a big p*zdets, very happy. The game was released a huge number of additions that make the game only better. Of the downsides of the game, personally I would have noted the complex rules (which can handle only concerned about the plodding style), huge amounts of tokens, cards (the number scares cooler monsters) and not quite creepy monsters drawn to this unusual genre, like «Horror of Lovecraft».

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