Modern Board games that rule. Part 1.

manygoodtips.com_1.04.2014_0JaVTljZRFr6IRemember, at that time, when I can get Board games which was really hard. A familiar man went to Peter and we ordered him the «Munchkin» card game booster boxes, with nastolki and anything else interesting. Moreover, man does not always bring us something new, because even in provedennoe the Northern capital, there was a time, not always possible to find the original Board game. But that time has passed and in my city stores Board games instead of one was more than ten, but still find a box days is not easy.

Table games quickly became popular. Once they played three or four of the nerd, and now in any cafe you’ll find a box with some game do not stop to play even ultra-glamorous ladies. And earlier disdain! The phenomenon of this popularity is explained simply:

  • people understand that to play fun and educational;
  • the Board game is not like the infamous violent computer games make kids psychopaths, drug addicts, murderers;
  • you can touch the cards and lay them on the table, admiring beautiful or not pictures;
  • it is fashionable, simple and trite.

Today we will blatantly seduce you to try to play some of the best modern Board games and make up your top best Board games for company.

1. «Munchkin»


Kill the monsters, steal the treasure, stab your buddy. Kill the monsters, steal the treasure, we substitute their comrades. Undoubtedly the best motto for the game. Which was published in 2000, the game continues to release new editions. Initially the «Munchkin» parodied the cliches of fantasy and role-playing games, especially good old «Dungeons & Dragons». Game first fun drawing cards, thin enough jokes, really fun gameplay, in which you can substitute one and all, to negotiate, to cooperate against each other or against one person. She «Munchkin» is pure Rand. The entire game map and you can not go in one moment you can lose everything, and the other to buy a whole ton of useful.

Different game series parody, fantasy, space fiction, books of H. p. Lovecraft, the Eastern fighters, vampire novels, Wild West, pirates, zombie Apocalypse, etc. Everyone will find a game to your liking. Than and good.

2. «Evolution»


The patriots can be proud of — this game was invented candidate of biological Sciences Dmitry A. Knorre in 2010. The game is pretty well reveals the essence of evolution, food chains, survival of the species, but it is quite simple to learn and very interesting. The whole point of the game is that you have to spend for a certain period of one or more of their species, making them the most adaptable to survival. They can add different gadgets: a stock of fat, the ability to dig, swim, fly, or huge size. «Evolution» shows that even a huge fat monster predator with the ability to fly and swim can die, because it is banal can not feed themselves. Good game all the same great opportunity to expose other players, devouring their beings, tossing them parasites, or stealing food. The scope for strategy and conspiracy, too, have something you love.

3. «Dixit»


A game where one party is tantamount to admission of something very mind-bending. Increases the ability to search for a deeper meaning to be more creative and carry consciously incredible nonsense. Drawn by some French artists very eloquent and beautiful delirium causes a person to experience different feelings. The whole point of the game is that you have to take one card and just a Rorschach test to tell me what you see in her and what she wants to see you. Other players of his cards, too, choose something that reminds them of your Association. Then the cards are revealed and all participants are expected to find your card. If they fail, you get a lot of points, but if someone managed to confuse the public, you get nothing, and they are all. Of course, this is a very rough description of the rules, because it is not the purpose of this article. But the game is pretty interesting. It is best played in a huge company. Personal I at the birthday party of his friend played with 15 people at once. It was fun, I was third. There is a Russian game-analogue of the «Imaginarium», but she still loses the game «Dixit» in the degree of pleasant uporotyh and design.

4. «Magic: The Gathering»


I didn’t want to include in this list the famous vintage game for the simple reason that it’s a collectible. But at the last moment gave up. «Magic…» I spent a lot of time and money. However, I do not regret a single drop and sometimes come back to this topic again. It’s worth it. «Magic…» — the most famous and long-lived collectible card game, and she’s the first. The best artists paint the world her art, some are even free. In the world of «Magic…» is an interesting story, however, almost no one she don’t care. Quotes from Shakespeare and other classics add the ACI a drop of elitism. Play it very interesting, strategies of darkness: you can inflict a lot of damage; you want to play aggressive, whether you otherise health and summon monsters; want works all the wiles and block all attempts to get you. The big disadvantage of «Magic» that the first time to win is almost impossible, because you don’t know a lot. Don’t know what are the tactics of opponents, do not know the worth of some cards and don’t know which will play well against your enemies, and then with the same success after a couple of moves to get back at you natural check. Here all the time to think and be alert. The creators believe that the «Magic…» is a mix of poker and chess. In some ways, it is. I must say that if you’re going to get involved in «Magic…» you’re going to spend. This is the hobby that requires investment. Players can now be found in any city is relatively easy — it’s the most popular TCG in the world, which in Russia easily defeated the Berserker. For the first time, you can borrow a deck from some guy, usually in a non-beginners a lot of logs on all occasions. If you like, you can start to build your. It’s fascinating stuff. Most comrades advanced age who play «Magic…» is far from fantasy, and play because it is quite interesting and represents an interesting and intelligent hobby. Competitions, by the way, bring money: my comrade in the region often take second place.

5. «Game of thrones»

«A song of ice and fire» — something that has become popular in certain circles for a long time (the first book came out in 1996), but only with the advent of the series has become a mass favorite. Not only for Boobs and violence. Of course, it released tabletop and computer games. Table even one. So, dude, deserves special attention Board game strategy. Manage your troops, seize the land of Westeros and claim the Iron throne. You can while away the time until the release of the new series.

And here is the second part arrived.

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