Moderate one: why is it cool to be a little nerd?

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2014_UgHlrD7LS9DS6In General, for most people «nerds», «one» or a «geek» is a word with a negative rating. All because they understand their value properly. Despite some differences, are cosmetic for most people all these three words refer to people who are really fond of. «Nerd» really really bad word, because most often it means a person who is very much obsessed with a particular topic, so much that is lost to society. On the other hand, if you look at it slightly differently — not all nerds are unhappy. Most of them are necessary to communicate anyhow. A big mistake many people is that they believe that everyone need communication, relationships and society. Yes, you do, but to different degrees. These dudes, as a fairly strong introvert (extroverts among them are also found), if you want a society that only people like them. But we digress a little.

In fact, the man who truly loves a topic or several topics, is a nerd. No matter what you’re into: Boxing, martial arts, rolling pin, Warhammer 40k, comics, role playing games, ride Bicycle, reading or Hiking in the mountains. If you’re sincerely interested and don’t see it, you’re the one, resigned. There’s nothing wrong, forget the heroes of the series «the big Bang Theory» who are not friends of physical education, the author of this article personally saw many guys who were married and persistently taught their children no matter what the floor to collect the death Star from LEGO and to visit Sambo. A nerd from fitness also be possible. Of course, bad to be a staunch nerd that everyone brings his personal problems into toys, comic books and video games. If he had a live girl, he’d rather left that as a hint.

So why to be a moderate nerd who forgets about his personal life and the people around, very well?

1. You almost live encyclopedia

You even wonder why people don’t know so many trivial things, as you know. You know what fusel oil; you know how the RAM; do you even know why sore muscles after exercise. You can easily explain why. If someone will say that it was better before when all the fun crunchy French bread and nodded to the Tsar, can you say why it was not so. Due to the large volume of knowledge in different areas of your brain became a kind of sponge that easily absorbs a variety of information. This is quite logical, given that your brain is just trained more on the memorization of facts. Importantly, the facts that you memorized was not chaotic in the spirit: «12 interesting facts from history.» Knowledge of history, if you’re interested in her, should not be superficial. Interested in the Second world war? Should be aware of the major battles, the actors of war, countries and other things obvious to many historians.

2. You can ignore the small conversations that don’t concern you

You have an amazing opportunity in General companies go for a moment in itself, and good to reflect on these or other issues that concern you long ago. What to read? Where to find new miniatures? Who is right: the Starks or the Lannisters? Where in the following year to go: on IgroMir or Utrish? And it’s interesting to be alone with yourself. Not boring at all.

3. You are able to be socialized

Moderate that is different from the usual that it can communicate with anyone normal and not cause issues. With peers, colleagues, family members and other people not in the subject he is able to communicate and to find the right words, skillfully adapting and exposing their interests. There’s nothing worse than someone who believes that knowledge of the protagonists of the hundred years war, the ability to do a proper deadlift and be called superheroes before Superman makes it better than others. Yes, he is an addictive personality; that’s good, but it is only for a minute believe you’re above everyone in the society, you will automatically lose the ability to communicate with people normally. The ability to camouflage makes you nearly Bruce Wayne and Batman.

4. You have the desire to try new things

New food, new music, new books, new genres — you don’t want to be on the same wavelength. Clinical nerds can for centuries to read the literature of the same genre, spitting aside what they do not understand and alien. Moderate nerds — just those who understand that the world is very much interesting, which is a sin not to know. And I’m not talking about those who are doing destructive shit. In the world have a lot of fun.

5. A moderate who knows when to hold back

When on a date in front of you sits a girl and talks about how cool it was, probably, to live in the era of the monarchy with all these points and kings, you know you need to hold back, not to pour on it all the flow of knowledge about serfdom, questionable decisions by monarchs and stuff. You know when not to arise with her: «You don’t understand comics and video games is cool! You’re just slightly familiar with the material!» (I suffer from the desire to prove to everyone how people are mistaken about the games). Due to the fact that he socialized, he can keep his desire «to bring the light of truth damned savages and heretics», just smile and nod. When the girl would be closer, of course, you can try to explain to her how she’s wrong, but personally I quickly realized that you need to choose more or less knowledgeable, which is not so little.

6. There are a number of things, which causes you strong emotions

Viewing of «Star wars», cartoons Miyazaki series «breaking bad» — all of this can make you have strong feelings. As it so happened, that you have trained myself to show emotions and to feel deeply is great. Avaricious man’s tears can squeeze you in the appearance of the enterprise, and the initial roller of some Fallout as the initial theme from «Morrowind», can make heart filled with warmth. But you have little get to enjoy miscellaneous consumer goods because you’ve seen much better. Maybe it’s bad.

7. Do you want to live

In the company you can keep the conversation interesting facts. Even a boring job may not oppress you, because you have something to fill their soul. You don’t have special problems with communication with the girls and different people, because you’re socialized. Do you have anything to occupy your evening, you know that self — improvement is good, you always have food for thought. And since you’re the moderate, there is a chance that you can live a normal life in a world where nothing is interested in normal thing, because you understand that without a world to live does not matter how boring he was not.

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