MOBY1 XTR TRAILER is an excellent trailer for men and his girlfriend, 8.09.2013, hoa8ITLkfiY6OGPar9T72WCYmWvxtbUT

Of course, summer was already gone, as the season of adventure, come the rainy autumn season. Time seems to show you a cool travel items gone, along with summer, but this is not so. Some bro like to go to nature in all conditions, and fall — very suitable time for trips to the woods for mushrooms and berries. In this weather is cool, but let’s be honest, cold. So why not learn from the experience of the Western dudes and not buy the old trailer? In this is possible for a nature — alone and with a friend. Friends there, however, is unlikely to fit, but still fun. Honey, unfortunately, I can not cook.

This trailer is equipped with a water heater, a faucet, which can serve both hot and cold water. In addition, it has an outside shower, lots of compartments where you can place all goods that you brought with you. The trailer served a type of awning that provides shade and the opportunity to sit and relax. The awning on one side goes into the tent, where you can go to conclude one. In the cab of the trailer nice and warm, but apart from the bed nothing seems to fit.

If interested, the price of this joy 16500 dollars. But how to deliver it?

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