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Summer is the time for mass vacations. All want to swim in the sea, to go to the Islands or in a foreign land. There you can relax by the pool, stroll through the ancient squares or walk through the exotic market, smelling all sorts of spices. All want to find new memories, to experience new sensations, and once a year a holiday to arrange for you just need. Life without travel will never be complete, what we believe in. We don’t need a compass, maps and the ability to navigate by the stars to comfortably move between countries. You just need a smartphone and five installed apps that we have selected specially for such cases.


App that allows you to buy tickets on credit. Why do you need it? At least for the first free week, the rate on which will be zero. Useful in cases when you need to fly tomorrow, and the money will appear in three days. Thus you can quietly take a ticket and pay later, no overpaying. If you need to return the ticket back, you will have to pay only 10% of the total cost – monetary risks are significantly minimized. The credit can be taken for a period of two months. It can be paid in three stages: at the time of purchase, a month and two months. And, of course, impresses the speed of loan processing – spend 5 minutes without any paperwork and calls. Mind you even the next moment. We all know that tickets are cheaper if you take a couple of weeks or months. In the end, you can save up to 60% of their money, if you used, and this is serious.

What are the other advantages of buying tickets through the app Tell. The fact that the service has some pretty serious support. That is, they do not let it go, can tell the user about the cost of return and exchange tickets, free Luggage and even about food to be on Board. They’ll register for the flight, send the boarding pass in the mail the day before departure. They will help you to get to the center, explain how much is a taxi in an unfamiliar place. I will TEXT your mom, girlfriend, boss, homemade raccoon, so they don’t worry about what you got.


2. Chatlas

Russo turisto has a habit of getting up and go to a country whose language he does not understand. It is strange to blame myself for it, because few people have the passion of learning foreign languages. If we learn English, that’s good. But, no offense, it is unlikely you will learn Chinese language before his trip, right? For such cases you need a translator who knows his business, which will be 24 hours a day with you. But you’re not a millionaire to afford such. Or is it you have?

Of course there is. Your interpreter will service Chatlas. It is infinitely easy, fast and convenient to their discipline. With this app, you instantly get access to the services of voice transfer. It is enough to specify your language and the language of the interlocutor to the program instantly connected with a professional translator. That is, thanks Chatlas, you can create a conference call with an interpreter or call directly. Can pay just via credit card or PayPal. Top-UPS directly from the program. An indispensable service if you are traveling or frequently go on business meetings with foreign partners.

the applesite

3. trivago

The main problem of tourist – the choice of an appropriate bed for the night. In an unfamiliar city is difficult to adequately assess the cost of the hotels, because the airport, railway stations and bus stations you will deceive, exaggerating the cost significantly. Many people end up overpaying for a hotel. Even better, when you’re, like, pay for a normal hotel, and then it turns out that there are a Legion of cockroaches, frogs and rats, and even roof leaks. If you looked at the reviews, it would be easier. Even worse, when you charge for accommodation, which is significantly higher than what has been agreed in advance. Alone, in a foreign country and this can not be, so you need to choose the hotel wisely.

And to book a decent hotel with a positive reviews and the right price, you’ll need an electronic assistant that will have you on your smartphone always and everywhere. We are talking about the application for the hotel search trivago. It greatly simplifies the life of a traveler. Is megapascals, which saves you from wasting time spent watching heaps of sites. Roughly speaking, trivago is able to compare deals from more than hundreds of different hotel booking sites. Because of this, the system is independent and selects the best quality and the cheapest option available on the Internet. Simply use filters like star rating, price, distance and rating, and you can already find the perfect hotel for himself – trivago does everything himself.

googlethe applesite

4. WiFi Finder

It is unbecoming for a Russian person to be in an exotic country with no Internet. Need to check email, social networks, and publish new pics of their legs in Instagram. But without the net just don’t do it, and how do you know the capital of Algeria, for example, where there is Internet? Even so, how do I know where there is free Internet? The solution is before our eyes – a simple app Wi-Fi Finder, which knows all the available access points to the Internet around the world. While the application works without Internet connection – such are the miracles. Be sure to install, a very useful thing.

At this point you have access to 550 thousand free Wi-Fi access-points, located in 144 countries. You can filter the points by location (hotels, cafes) or the provider type. Works not only on smartphones but also tablets.


5. LocalEats

Another common problem in travelling in strange expensive food. Especially surprising when you spend a lot of money on food in any country, like Bangladesh or India. The people are poor, they earn (according to rumors) for a couple of tens of dollars per month. Where do they get the money for food? Or they are fed by solar energy and earth? In General, there is clearly something fishy. Clearly, the fact that the dealers want welded to tourists, and intelligent natives go to places easier and tastier. How to find such places? Simply download the app LocalEats.

Especially true for guys who decide to visit the States, because the program has a list of the best independent restaurants throughout the United States. You can see the local and Federal ratings. LocalEats finds a nearby restaurant, offers promotions and discounts, helps book a table, filters the establishments by price, areas, awards, photos, and cuisine.


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