Mobile alarm to your family, friend, not stolen

Life is hard now man, they can hurt. Especially often hurt children and the elderly, who because of their age just can’t answer. Therefore, you guys already invented a specific device, called mobile detectors, which are given in case of danger, just a horrible noise.

Today we show you one of them. Toshiba is just let in a quite remarkable version of the mobile alarm which is resistant to shocks and weather events. Model Toshiba D8-82 due to its waterproof body can work in all conditions.

The device operates as follows. In case of danger it is necessary to break the fuse in the lower part of the body, then immediately you hear a bloodcurdling alarm volume up to 95 dB (which is a very loud one).

Vital recommend the device, if you have a favorite grandma or little brother.

In order for your loved ones has not lost a device because of age, provides a convenient strap, which you can use to hang the mobile alarm device on the neck.

Is the gadget about 550 rubles.

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