Mo-Tool Wood multitool and decorated hatchet


The multitool is the perfect gift for any bro, because who knows what will happen to you if you go, for example, in the mountains. In the mountains multitool is indispensable.

Before you Mo-Tool Wood — stylish multitool in the form of the Tomahawk of the Indians, it looks cool.

Coolest (besides appearance, of course) what is in this hero. The choice will really surprise you, because this multitool is the most versatile of all the tools that visited us at the website.

The set includes: axe, hammer, wrench, straight knife, knife with teeth, saw, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, pliers, wire cutters, file.

The variety is amazing, dude! The handle of a multitool, by the way, is made of real mahogany! Handmade! The perfect gift for any bro, dude! The kit also includes a convenient carrying case, which hangs right over the belt.

The price of this joy is only 50 dollars. And sold it on

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