Mixed Budweiser

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2014_DpTTupIoL4SNvIt seems we haven’t talked about beer. If you don’t talk about beer, the man begins to be sad, and we don’t like sadness, so let’s talk about bubbly barley. More precisely, about one of the representatives, specifically about the Budweiser.

Why did we decide to remember about this beer brand? But because Budweiser is a very interesting story. The war for the brand – it’s about saying something? War length of 100 years, which continues to this day. Yes, it happens.

It all started with the fact that in 1857, a businessman named Edgar, Anheuser purchased a ruined brewery. The businessman once engaged in the soap, so knew little about the barley. Edgar suggested to his son-in-law Adolf to lead a new production.

Because Adolf was a native of Germany, he is little versed in the Beers and knew a lot about this drink, but had no idea on how to make really good beer. In order to unravel the technique of preparing a beverage, Adolf went on a journey through the Breweries of the Czech Republic. After returning to America, he presented to Adhara original beer recipe, which was called Budweiser, because that’s where was brought in a recipe.

Work.com.ua_17.11.2014_GLDKtRwmMHq9pIn 1864 Adolf patented his trademark Anheuser-Busch Company. He continued to travel around Europe and learned from more experienced brewers. He pursued knowledge that might make his beer the best. One recipe here was not enough.

Budweiser is the first brewery in America, which tested a method of pasteurization, which significantly increased the quality of storage of the beer. Now intoxicating drink can be sent to other countries, thereby multiplying the cobwebs that had engulfed many cities.

New brewery grew rapidly, and the products were in great demand, but only until 1920. Connoisseurs will realize that we are talking about the prohibition of alcohol that took effect that year. Budweiser was forced in no time to retrain, and soon the company began producing solely soft drinks.

Fortunately, this ban was in force for only 13 years, and the company Budweiser has again started to brew beer. 3 years left to recover, and soon the brewery was again able to confidently stand on his feet. But alas, it so happened that, having acquired enormous popularity, the leaders of the brewery decided to seriously skimp on the quality of the drinks. Budweiser has been accused that it artificially raises the price of his beer, taking advantage of the popularity of the brand. Brewery saves more than $ 55 million per year for raw materials.

manygoodtips.com_17.11.2014_IqLdUs0vBInZ0So what is the war for the brand? And here it is. It turns out that while the American Budweiser is actively developed, somewhere in the Czech Republic, the enterprising brewer has decided to create his own brewery and made a product named after the place where the brewery itself. So I had a beer with the same name Budweiser.

In the Czech Republic did not even know about the progressive clone. And only 19 years old when Czech beer made it to America, it became clear that the market has two eponymous brand. That’s when this war began that continues even now.

On the side of the American Budweiser patent has been registered for 19 years before the Czech. While the Czech side was a place of production which fully justified the name brand. The Czech Budweiser is a big army of fans, but American beer is Bud highly prevalent worldwide.

The history of this war even more interesting than the history of both brands. It turns out that not one of Budweiserb can not prove your copyright. Therefore, the market of beer you always have choice: Czech Republic or America.


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