Mission: impossible not to flab up for the New year

manygoodtips.com_24.12.2013_uIT4s6DAt35H2Fitness and new year’s holidays. A swing and a bath meal. Mayonnaise and Jogging. Not too well, huh? This is my sore subject: I started running a month ago, only was involved, but the down pours these huge vacations, created specifically to autograts to the loss of pulse and the slightest hint of good physical shape. How to stay afloat and not to take positions?

1. Do everything in its regulations

The only exception that I allow myself January 1st. Run the morning of January 1 is insane. Relax more — no, no. When the tape starts the new year, many decide to arrange a vacation not only from work but also from training, and as a result, their sportswear gathering dust in the cupboards until spring — and that’s at best. In the worst — until the next new year when it’s time to start a new life. It’s clear: the holidays is vital to enjoy the culinary exploits of a mom and friend, but to abandon healthy habits — also the loser option.

At least three times over the holidays practice will help a good service to the belly, which thus will grow a little less. Closed swing? Run, pougarat with dumbbells.

2. High intensity workout

Collect together a measured run, the acceleration and walk away and in 20 minutes you’re not a seal, but a normal man. Cardio on Christmas vacation essential: this is the best way to burn calories. Can’t run on the street due to ice, snow and the fear of snowmen? Strength training at home! With dumbbells and your own weight. Try to perform all exercises as quickly as possible and to increase the number of repetitions in the approach.

3. Easier drinks

Soft New year is when you’re 12. In other cases, New year and alcohol go hand in hand like beer and chips. Unfortunately, moderation in drinking, as in grub, it is difficult, besides, the drinks disappear in our wombs is much faster and easier and thus pose a more terrible threat to our, God forgive me, figures. Alcohol is really high in calories, it displays the body of the water — in short, a disaster. Drink, of course, but keep yourself in hand. At the same time not have to defeat a hangover.

4. No stress

The new year is a family holiday, and what does it mean? Relatives! A million relatives in your house! What does this mean? Million stress! Purchase last minute attempts to please everyone with the gift and constant headache.

You seek to neutralize the stress, to devour the extra candy, and even a couple of dozen, or drink an extra few (dozen) glasses of wine. My advice to you — yoga. Focuses and relaxes.

5. Immediately start a new life

This activity is postponed to the new year, then at the beginning of the holidays, then Monday, then on the first of February — and so not doing anything. Do not be like the spineless rags and start your program right from the second of January: the first too hard.

6. Strategy buffet

On the Christmas table, which makes no sense to remove the entire week will be a million different Goodies. There will be more good than able to accommodate your refrigerator. In such cases, I try to stick to its own strategy of a buffet. It looks as follows: first, to believe something that isn’t harmful. In my case it’s the fish in the oven (I’m hypocritical okoloogiline), vegetables, salads, cheese, fruit and seafood. Sweet — only if all this not enough for me. It saves me from herring under a fur coat, cream cake, and hell knows some culinary excesses. Ecologicamente saves me from the sausage, bacon and any salad with meat ingredients — I only profit.

7. Eat on a schedule

«Eat» is not a synonym for «eat». «Eat» is «algirica format of the New year». You always wait for the day when you eat a lot and move too little. The daily routine of ordinary Russians at the beginning of January. If possible, do schedule those days to came next days with training: you will maintain a balance.

8. Give up the role of the Grinch

If during the holidays you’re not going to do myself some slack and eat purely coregrid, drugco and drink is good water and green tea, you’ll only fag and nothing more. Holidays and holidays to be special and different from everyday life. You need to let in life, simple pleasures, familiar to mankind since the prehistoric society: joint devouring brings together and gives sense of security, abundance on the table is more of a symbol than cultureless desire to fill the stomach. The worst thing you can do is to abandon a festive meal. Do not steal from yourself the occasion. Don’t be a Grinch. He’s got a green soup and a bad temper — so I generally don’t like this movie. Enjoy, have fun and be happy in the new year!

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