Milota and men: a disease or the norm?


As said Omar Khayyam, «I have a strange attraction to cats». It would seem, the great philosopher, wrote about wine, the relationship between men and women, subjected to sharp satire on the mores of society and rulers, and here the seals. Somehow does not fit with the image.

And Chuck Norris loves sweets, a drink of milk at night, and cuddle bear. All nonsense: the standard of severity loves all sorts of favors and spices. After all, ought not a man to love sweet, sweet to appreciate and adore fluffy. So they say. But we have many times debunked stereotypes about real men.

It is clear from this attitude of the primeval past. The applicant was busy in the mud, not afraid of blood, not shrinking piece of crap, and coming home, he was not up to tenderness. I only wanted to wash their hands, the forehead (and nothing else), eat, and sleep — no more, no less. The majority of the population the only dessert was a honey, not befitting of a grown man licking a cock on a stick. As for cattle, its place on the street.

In the severe men, even the Soviet cut, no strength left after a hard shift for my wife. Love was trivial and dull, focused solely on a future happy life of the Soviet Country. And there is some domestic animals. If cattle, it is not just for fun, and for practical applications. If the dog to guard the house, helped in the hunt and gnawed drunken neighbors, mistakenly wandered into the backyard. The cat catches mice and purred. The pig waste is processed and was a source of fresh meat. By the way, in ancient China, pigs were used as an instrument of a kind of sewer. Simply put, the pig toilet is as follows: Chinese shitting, pig ate. This is what we. George Clooney with his dwarf pig would laugh. Meanwhile, George loves his pigs, loves, even sleeps with him in the same bed. This he said somewhere between his inspirational speech at the Oscars and the legendary interview when he showed «2 girls 1 cup».


But that was in the past, years later, the work schedule became more normalized, the population gradually moved from a rural backwater into the wilderness of the city. Targets have changed, the way of life too. Physical labor has become more comfortable, women became miners, and the miners have learned to get out of the way, sitting in the office. The man climbed from the yard in the tall birdhouses which sometimes rats closely. To raise cattle for slaughter became optional, easier and cheaper to buy ready-made meat. And sweets have become so affordable that shameless children have the audacity to scream in the middle of the supermarket, so that they chocolate does not like. Spoiled Russian man, and not only Ukrainian. Physical labor became available only once a year, grandpa in the country. At other times with the loads we have to go to the gym. Wealth and comfort has made us soft, we can decide how and where to live, what profession to choose (although many of it in an emphasis do not understand). And then there’s the emancipation and equality, after which publicized pop culture female tenderness began to penetrate into dry the hearts of men. First, the «gummi Bears», and «Princess Sisi». Plus and mom raised you to be polite, saying that you’re not supposed to hurt girls. The mass of killed men in the head the idea that it is better to drink coke than beer. Perhaps your grandfather told you: «Again, this shampoo drink?»

Home education, way of life, which equalizes the rights and responsibilities of both men and women, and top-oriented culture all made the usual emotion cats. Aren’t they cute?


And they?

After the films, ranging from «Ko mne, Mukhtar!», «Four tankers and a dog» and ending with «Beethoven», we realized that having a home animal very cool and fun. Even if it is a silly dog that only does that stain the saliva the whole house. The animals gradually moved into the apartment. Even rats that were previously mercilessly beaten with a hammer, became full members of the family. Reached that reflected the forest psychopaths raccoons have become almost more popular than bored dogs and cats. This is not to mention room dog breeds that resemble their ancestors very vaguely.

To living creatures, if she shares with you the living space, imbued with a strange love. After a week you start to name legs hands and convince everyone around that this is the rational animal in the world.

«He’s a man! Look at his eyes!» — shout you, introducing your friends with a shaggy bastard.

Even Sartre had a cat that became a meme. They say that he taught him the ideas of existentialism. Remember the famous picture of the philosopher working at a Desk, stroking a fluffy beast. Speaking of meme. In our time, that they did cats superstars.

We have long recognized in animals human traits. We are touched by them the same as children. Lifestyle has become such that we often have to deal with people than with physical labor. And the more you communicate with people, the more they tire. Over time you begin to see only the bad, so I want something good and pleasant, like a raccoon eating grapes.

Therefore, a series about goodness and friendship has become popular, because it is not enough in life. But let’s not forget that with the spread of Internet propaganda any cuteness has become global. Most often this is easy-going character, but what’s the difference: more funny cat pictures, the more you get used to them.

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs need to enter a separate item miloto because of the high age of hedonism and technology have accustomed us to it. Even strict lumbarsacral sometimes you need the bear in the side, because not always there is a woman, and to embrace someone in a dream you need. And if the woman at hand, the expansion of cuteness is amplified a hundred times.

Simply put, Milota is not a defect. Milota is not a synonym of homosexuality. This does not mean that you amika, which will never give women. In any case, fans of cats and milkshake know how to talk to girls is not worse than the fans of military equipment. Love milot — that means you the modern man is heavily dependent on mass culture. Do not hurry up to spend less time on the Internet, just don’t lose your masculinity, because the muffins will not replace the gyro. The works of men’s actions and do not worry, after all, not everyone who listened to Ricky Martin become homosexuals. In tight shorts and a shaved chest is more danger and harm, both physical and moral. Well, how can you not admire a useful dog?

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