Military experiments that sent ethics to hell

Most likely, military researchers are not very fond of humanity. This is especially true at those times in history when they are trying to create something new, something that will be erased from the face of the Earth all of us. They should check that shit, and you usually don’t find anything better than to try it on civilians. Chose a beautiful civil — try it faster weapons prohibited by all conventions.

Hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes for a moment dream of a dissident: the United States, the 1950s by Some miracle you ended up in the American wilderness. In a Fedora and striped suit you’re going for a clean street of their town, and suddenly noticed in the sky the signs of the inevitably impending «Fallout»: in one moment the sky darkens from castelinho his mushroom-shaped clouds, which on closer examination turns out to be a mosquito cloud.

To explain all this idiocy can the era: the 20th century was a rather strange time in the world of design weapons. The CIA remained free to experiment with mind control and drugs (often combining both incarnation), military foaming at the mouth trying to one-up many of America’s enemies, using at times the most inopportune for war tools. One such tool was the mosquitoes. Military was wondering how many people will be able to spoil the winged filth, previously infected with yellow fever. It was even estimated that one battalion will cost $ 112 875 adjusted for inflation.

In 1955 the bad puppets of decaying capitalism showed the world his vile essence, after several trials in different regions of Georgia. 300,000 mosquitoes were sent to the task. Many of them were awarded the congressional medal of honor posthumously.

But as imperceptibly to transport this Horde, not to confuse the locals? Send primates scouts with bags of mosquitoes was unreliable as and ask moles hydrocephalus to dig underground mines to run the mosquito clouds. Then it was unprecedented in its arrogance solution: to make mosquito bombs and discreetly to reset them before someone sees.

Then they shat mosquitoes in Avon Park, Florida. Only then they released 600 000 mosquitoes to surely infect more people. The aim of the operation was figuring out how to spread of disease for military purposes, and how many people will be mosquitoes. Fortunately, no one was really hurt. So, civilians dropped a million mini-vampires, but there was only that people are more likely to itch and complain about the growing number of winged pests.

A chemical attack on San Francisco

Biological war has had a devastating impact on people. In the middle ages the cunning Mongol invaders sent their beleaguered foes, «letters of happiness» in the form katapuljtirovalisj infected corpses, and later his version of bacteriological weapons began to develop in each country. The U.S. military was no exception, but the check was nowhere and no one. Instead, from 20 to 27 September 1950 they carefully spray their stuff over the San Francisco. Stuff contained a large amount of bacteria Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii.

The aim of the operation was to find out, could enemy agents to unleash a biological attack on the coast, not to poison the city with a population of 800 000 people, as one might think at first. Therefore, they used seemingly innocuous microbes. But for several days people with a mysterious, difficult to treat infections caused by then extremely rare bacteria called Serratia marcenscens, began to arrive in hospitals of the district. Until November, one patient died. The doctors had no idea what was happening, because the military did not bother to inform the health authorities about how the whole town will be swarming with bacteria.What’s worse, the bacteria never went. A strange infection occur sporadically in the Bay still, and Serratia marcenscens killed a man, but only in 2001. Until 2004, the bacteria managed to contaminate the premises of a local pharmaceutical company and part of flu vaccinations.

Fortunately, the military understood that they were a bit mad, and swore more similar not to do… that is, spent the next 20 years, secretly spraying bacteria over 292 other settlements.

Nuclear trace in the blood

For the sake of.Yak.ua_23.11.2016_ehc7I4RTOdij9Around the Manhattan project until now, even after 73 years, spinning is full of secrets and mysteries. Thanks to him, mankind learned about such a terrible thing, like a huge mushroom cloud that grew over the blooming cities.

But one only Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Americans to keep going, planning to make a «Fallout» as one of their more dangerous enemies. But terrible things happened on the stage of experiments. Creative approach resourceful and very skilled developers not to arouse suspicion in patients who were injected with the injection of plutonium, to see how quickly deteriorate the crowd pricked.

Of course, patients did not report until 1945, not to determine they have an interesting disease and a large amount of plutonium in the body. Then the researchers collected their allocation and took bone samples to find out how much plutonium in the body is stored and how much is already out there. Imagine this: you live, then suddenly start to feel bad, and you suddenly catch people in white coats and taken away to God knows where, and begin to carefully explore.

Half of patients expected got sick on the cancer, but the researchers preferred to gloss over this fact and instead called them a different, less terrible disease (e.g., ulcer), after which offered a good scholarship that the patient was in sight and easily subjected to further study his manifest sores.

In December 1946, the doctors were extiles, recovered, and the project was disbanded. However, in 1947, there were vaccination of 18 patients who were injected with the mysterious «new stuff» that «nobody knows what to do», but «of course» it «has a very positive effect on the body.» The stool and bone of the patients were taken for studies up to 1950, the year before the vaccine was the last subject. Rumor has it that damned intelligence agencies did not hesitate to dig up the poor out of their graves to see what would become of their bodies after death.

The treatment of homosexuality by surgery

Apartheid was not the worst fate for those who might be called «minority» (usually with a more racist term). But it is much worse if it were a minority sexual orientation. So that there is not only a minority — any person that prefers to indulge with male eggs, automatically became a victim of a mad doctor Aubrey Levin, the ideologist of a project that from 1971 to 1989 force was eradicated gayness of the armed forces of the Republic of South Africa.

This is what awaited gay soldier: psychological trauma, feeding electric current (often in conjunction with porn to create a conditioned reflex, like Pavlov’s dogs), hormonal treatment and, if he is not lucky, then chemical castration (although how could he be fruitful if he wasn’t going and wasn’t able to do?). For those who have been through the methods of the sanatorium of horror were left with only one way out — forced sex-change operation.They pushed that shit around 900 employees, sometimes at speeds up to 50 operations a week. This was the way for the thousands of foreigners who member was unbearable to live, but his homophobic societies such they could not count on. As a result, in the armed forces of South Africa flocked crowds of volunteers, all for one purpose — to learn humility and become a woman. The operation was not always done with extraordinary skill, and the result was the likeness of a man, referred to only as «no Boobs or pussy». But the operation was free, so can’t complain.

Surprisingly, despite this terrible practice, the STEAM was not the worst place to be gay. No matter how they fought with the pillow biters in the end they had to give up under the pressure of despair and civilization, allowing gays to take their place in the ranks of the armed forces of this strange but proud Republic.

And again, bad Americans

manygoodtips.com_23.11.2016_AU3LJ6wKIusWPShit on America so to complete. So we settled on a TV. So again cross the ocean and return to blissful Pindostan, famous for its cruelty to its own citizens.

As you know, chemical weapons terrorized the trenches of the First world, forcing all enterprising country from despair to throw each other poisonous substances. After that, despite the prohibitions, many countries have distinguished themselves not with the best hand, while developing chemicals in laboratories and using them against people, including its own citizens.

It was during the Second world war, and the Americans needed the 60,000 volunteers who wanted to smell the mustard gas mixed with not less terrible substances, such as arsenic compounds and lewisite. «Stand in that corner and pay no attention to the mist that makes your face literally melt away,» — sounds like the instructions of scientists.

In these special death squads» was recorded, usually black, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and other nonwhite citizens. Because they have not seen how people react to mustard white guys during the First world war.

When a poisonous mixture is poured, everything went crazy. It seemed that they were in the fire, they began to scream and yell and try to escape. Some guys fainted, and when he finally opened the door, their half-dead were thrown out.

Someone for life left chemical burns, someone the consequences were more serious, but despite that chemically corrodes the lines, program participants have kept his mouth shut until the 1980’s — then the most victims began demanding compensation. Victims of tests had to prove that they were poisoned by gas, and it was only in 1991, and the case was declassified in 1993.

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