Military ethics: shame, taboos and violence. Part V


Someone reading an article, will exclaim: «But Ukraine is not remembered!!!» So, in this article is not a word about Ukraine. Because we value the nerves of our readers and believe that every opinion has a right to exist. So empty international offense should not be here. Everything has been said. Anyone who will support the actions of radical extremists and the outbreak of war, will fly to the banks and to special services.

The combination of war and the ethical considerations? War differs in that it removes the limitations of a peaceful life. Instead of a ban on the killing here, on the contrary, a permit for it. And that this permission is implemented, the long soldiers are taught how to do it, to inhibitions, which are at each person.

Probably it exists only in the context of the stigmatization of the debate and regulations. Since the second half of XX and early XXI century is not discussed and not condemned never. However, this era is full of other troubles.

Crazy trends in the intersection of Millenium

XX century – the quintessence of all the war of dirty tricks. Mankind even after the two world wars did not calm down and continues to resolve issues, not like Mama taught with words and with weapons. But otherwise, immediately after the war began the boom of independence, when former colonies showed the absolute value to cities and declared its independence. Revolution, coups, often accompanied by shots, and their first days of existence, a bloodbath, because fresh UN members always find a reason to deal with neighbors. Starting from the territories, ending ethnic cleansing, as in former sufferer of Yugoslavia, where neighbors for a very long time to sort things out with each other. It happens worse when new countries without weapons will not survive because you have identified ground, where more than a thousand years Muslims have lived. What to do? Your people finally got the land, do not give the same? What Muslims do? It’s a shame to lose territory, which, moreover, are located your sanctuary.

And sometimes, waking up after independence of the Republic found in its composition amazing regions that felt that the old power is not present, began to demand independence. You perfectly understood, about whom we are talking. Sometimes countries didn’t like that their composition was dissimilar subjects. The subjects didn’t like, and they wanted either independence or to join a larger family and neighbors. What to do? Of course, to fight. Remember Transnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Karabakh, Sudanese Darfur and, of course, Yugoslavs, so far without the Serbian Republic of Serbian Krajina. Everything is very, very sad, and it is surprising that when many hated the dictatorships they lived in relative love and harmony. It is sad that without blood there can be no peace in the region.

Despite the stories about the protection of human rights, numerous social revolutions, and the adjustment of the rights of women, blacks and social strata, the world as engaged in genocide, as has led to the rise of dictators and totalitarian regimes waged wars of conquest, and continues, because it is not so clear, and the cruelty of humanity has only increased. The crowd goes to the call of the blood with strong leaders who are not afraid to get your hands dirty. Power, as always, is everything.

A feature of this era became an endless war and the capture of the countries for the application of horse doses of democracy. However, immediately after the victory somehow forget about democracy and start to actively use the strategic position of the country and resources. Geopolitics now determines everything. However, sometimes this colonial policy led to huge accumulation of victims and moral exhaustion of the people, as in Vietnam and Afghanistan. And in recent years has been observed a tendency, when trained assistants colonizers organized their own mugs sample DAISH, al Qaeda began terrorizing the whole world.

The most insulting that Democrats condemn half of the world, even its citizens. But wars do not become less. Read about it below.


The main phenomenon of the new time, of course, was terrorism – a terrible way of achieving political goals through sabotage, blackmail with the lives of hostages and fear-mongering in the society. It was invented in ancient times, but special popularity was gained in the XX century. The method of terror was used extensively at all times of the intelligence and different kinds of fanatics. But the motivation of the participants, their view of the conduct of their struggle, acceptable and fair in these actions become a separate phenomenon.

Terrorism has different causes. Someone thus fighting for independence, as the crazy Irish IRA, the hot peplum of THIS, «the liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam from Sri Lanka and the liberation Falcons of Kurdistan», who love to make a blast in the middle of Istanbul. And someone becomes a star of the first bands, killing people for religious reasons. About the «Muslim brotherhood» and the ISIL (DAISH, he’s fierce terror) do not need to say. What was normal in the middle ages, has become the norm in the twenty-first century.

However, whatever reason were not citizens of the terrorists, their methods always lead often to the deliberate killings of innocent people. «Nord-OST» terrorist attack in Budennovsk, September 11 – this should not happen. Cowardly challenge to address vulnerable people, when you’re so powerless, can’t kill directly, you have to be sneaky.

Someone shall see this strong compared to guerrilla warfare. In the middle of the last century, many decided to follow the precepts of Lenin and Marx and went in groups to surf the jungle, to Deplete the enemy forces attacks, and to recruit the masses. However, not to be confused with guerrilla warfare and terrorism with similar methods of achieving the goal differ extremely. Guerrilla warfare is the deliberate cutting out military forces of the enemy by gradual exhaustion, albeit with its own peculiarities. Terrorism is an attempt to cause terror in the civilian population and elite of the enemy, forcing him to their will. Terrorism can be used as not be used within the framework of guerrilla warfare. The attempt to make them synonymous is nothing like the revenge of the American authorities grandfather Fidel.

But we’re not going to tell a brief history of terrorism, is not the point. Primarily a problem of armed conflict to terrorists leads to new ethical issues. The experience of wars in Afghanistan and the emergence of prisons for captured terrorists at Guantanamo Bay show that the status of captured members of the terrorist organizations is not regulated by any legal or moral framework. They have no pow status, they can be detained indefinitely. Why are people indignant endless torture (including graceful as simulated drowning, sleep deprivation, exposure to loud music) and inhuman conditions of detention of potential terrorists. And that word is «potential» bothers me the most.

In fact, the emergence of such category of the enemy as «terrorist», once again made torture the subject of ethical debate – even if such methods against prisoners and used, this was not considered possible to speak as about something quite inappropriate and illegal.

In 1984, the UN General Assembly they determined that there is «state terrorism». This action aimed at overthrowing nasty regimes in other countries. In accordance with this definition the main terrorists on the planet are the US President and Prime Minister of the UK, and their intelligence services and the armed forces – it is like international terrorists, while the UN was referring to Iraq, in which prisons with a luxurious torture were centres for the common people. But to this General Assembly, of course, do not care, because they decide who is a terrorist and who is a fighter against terrorism.

The point is that «fighting terrorism» and other devils can make absolutely everything that is not permitted by law, for example «find and kill» or even killed in the toilets. In today’s world no one is fighting, the terms of the anti-terrorist operation. Well as them without terrorism? In 2014 terrorists killed 8138 man for 45 years, the fighters against terrorism – more than a million. Terrorism is the main scapegoat of the era, the cause of the majority ethnic wars of recent times, the culprit of economic and political instability. After this you begin to think that hysteria on the subject «the Government itself is satisfied with the attack! The twin towers blew up Bush to wage a war and to unite the nation in the face of the enemy that were needed for the new achievements» are unfounded.

Impeccable bloodlust of scientific progress

Science is developing, equipment, weapons becoming bastard, and some thinking about whether it’s humane to kill people with drones. «The hunt for terrorists» using drones that the us intelligence services and will be conducted in different remote corners of the earth, again raising the question of how «moral» is the war in which the Manager of the drone operator that takes the decision to deliver a fatal blow, was clearly security. Of course, this begs the question: why the hell should we be merciful to the bastards killing innocent people is absolutely vile methods? No, they are not worthy of regret, and all this talk, led by greedy humanists, as if sucked from the finger. But this issue is viewed through the same prism as the invention of the bow, crossbow in the middle ages. Knightly etiquette has gone into history, replaced by human rights, but the attitude of those who use «special» weapons have not changed. Anyway, from time to time in the American press write about what the experts involved in the management of drones, experience some of the dismissive attitude on the part of the pilots of conventional aircraft. Partly this greatly affects the popularity of the craft: almost as unpopular as the cleaner of sewers.

The same applies to the use of robots for military purposes. Some put forward the theory that killing people using terminators unfair, because the use of robots in war removes some moral caveats. Well, you will not see on the screens crying parents work, even crying designer.

But these situations are not much different from the questions that arose before the appearance of the weapons, provide fundamentally new ways to kill. Arthur Wilson, who commanded in the early twentieth century the British Mediterranean fleet, was named the first commissioned submarines «insidious, dishonest and fucking non-English» weapon. And how many critical arrows flew (and some still fly) to the USA for the damn «Baby» that destroyed Hiroshima! So the evolution of the ethical evaluation of war, together with the evolution of the wars.

By the way, about nuclear weapons, primarily the simulation of the arms race of the last century. Many believe that the very existence of in the bins of some countries of weapons, which at one stroke can destroy millions of people, deserves censure. Threatening to shake the nuclear warheads before the world community, as does North Korea and how he loved US with the Soviet Union, is no better than to hit a densely populated city. Scary’s not the very existence, and that any talk sooner or later, and the world into action. Various agreements and instruments calling to restrict its availability to nothing lead. Treaty banning nuclear weapon tests in the atmosphere outer space and under water, Treaty on non-proliferation (which, incidentally, was signed by all except India, Pakistan and Israel) has not led to a decrease in the number of the weapon. Nuclear weapons are an advantage, a tool of manipulation. Members of the «nuclear club» who sagely say about humanity and the inhumanity of incinerating missiles and bombs, on his return from the summits give orders about increasing the number of weapons. But otherwise, if even in Switzerland with Pakistan and Israel have their own bombs «just in case that was».

As says the old army wisdom, «hard in the doctrine – easily in the lesion». To see the «Fallout» do not want at all to anyone. But, judging by the fact that from time to time in the world don’t get any easier, will have. The threat of a Third world – one of the main nightmares of humanity, which is afraid of the country. If not feared, then the Cold war would have been much hotter.

Information war

Sometimes I Wake up in the morning, you’re trying to figure out what your time is different from the cruel ancient times? The answer is simple: the availability of electricity and the fact that all actively discussed. The word has now become the main weapon, it is much murderous bullets and nuclear bombs. But such a term as «information warfare», annoying worse enemy tanks at the border.

There is an observation that during the lightning wars they say only the patriots, and in the long wars get the word pacifists. So it was after an arduous travel on the Vietnamese jungle and Afghan mountains. People are so tired from the tedious, exhausting wars and total depletion of manpower that cheers eventually became more and more. In America came to numerous protests. Dissatisfaction was expressed by students, hippies, and ordinary citizens, and blacks, calling black folk a lot to fight for freedom at home, not in Vietnam. Even after Iraq in the country come February, the crisis of faith, crisis of politics and ideology. In a society inevitably changed Outlook, came a split. And of course, that such a war leads to economic dislocation, until inflation and unemployment. Need information support to plant into the brains of its citizens the idea that war is just. Grain confidence a lush garden blooms in the minds of the endless Patriotic and accusatory trills balding man with the state of the channel.

The actual «Cold war» is a perfect example of information the victory of one superpower over another. If the Union was not shattered from the inside, if the mighty piles bright Communist covenants not podrachivala beaver teeth «dreams of life», live it and prosper. Well, so, Gorbachev is to blame, although in the 84th Andropov publicly said it is terrible for any mode the phrase: «We do not know the country in which they live».

Here are two simple examples that speak of the enormous importance of this Viper called «information war». The extent of its influence is the subject of a separate dispute. For example, the defeat of the Americans in the Vietnam war became possible thanks to the TV as it showed the horrors of war, which was unbearable for the civilian eye.

And the defeat of Russia in the First Chechen war was due to the fact that the television screens of the Chechen commanders talked about his struggle for the freedom of Ichkeria. The older reader may remember that buried Dudayev in 1996, calling him a hero, a worthy man, and his murder is cowardice. He was killed by a homing missile during a telephone conversation. Strange, but mourned the President of Ichkeria is not only supporters, but those who have seen the coffins with their friends inside. Therefore, in all countries with different degrees of «freedom of speech» situation prefer to cover «one-sided», without providing the other side of the word and not shrinking from a fierce propaganda.

In these two cases in the media raises another point, which gets to the point of vulnerability of the audience. Suffice it to say the right information – and voila! – people aggression, or, conversely, the demoralization in the pocket. And in fact, is an inhuman tool of lies and manipulation.

By the way, the BBC is a rule that you cannot translate the direct speech of the terrorists. To work around it, BBC pereozvuchivat these quotes. Why? To neutralize the tone, shift the focus. Disappear all local bindings, because everything is replaced with the literary norm. Is pure content.

You probably remember the war of August 2008. After all, remember what happened not television? Two worlds collided, one of which is inciting war, accused Russia and the other Georgia. In this case, the arguments of the event could quite believe it, you know rascal like to patronize.

A little before the West managed to convince the whole world that the Serbs are bad, and massacred entire families and smashing temples on the territory of a foreign, in fact, the country’s Albanians, the unfortunate martyrs. The result – inhuman NATO bombing. Later this method was successfully practiced in the proud Bedouin Gaddafi and not only.

In simple terms, people make a fool. Here arises the strong language, but education does not allow, we will have to read ladies. Now we live in the era of information warfare. Union collapsed, but nothing has changed, we’re still alone against the world. There is a war of propaganda, war misinformation. All parties are cheating both its own and others’. It’s better than open war. How could I not want to fight…

Appreciate the world, otherwise our future would not make sense. Because the world has started to look into the abyss, the bottom of which is raging furious the flames of hell.

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