Militarism in five cocktails

How to drink strictly in the military and manly? How to enjoy alcohol the twenty-third of this month, if you feel full defender? There are many options, but for someone it is always the same – vodka and a herring. But we will maintain decorum, because we preach no alcohol and drinking culture, which they themselves adhere. Now stands this provision is a noble human activity, because you need to drink beautifully, or not to drink.

How to do it nicely? This will help you cocktails, which are similar to those of humans – they are so original and unique. Some of them, as legend has it, originated in behind enemy lines and others in a simple bar establishments, where went the common men. Unfortunately, history has absorbed a lot of unique recipes for alcoholic drinks, but those that are, is enough.

1. The Russo-Japanese war

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_O675KZsPdysETControversial conflict ended not in our favor. However, we all remember the feat of the cruiser «Varyag», and it’s fine. No idea why the cocktail got its name, but apparently the Creator found in it echoes of the Russian and Japanese spirit. This shot, and you need a stack and, of course, bar spoon, though without it easy to handle.


– 25 ml of vodka;

20 ml melon liqueur;

– 5 ml lemon juice;

– 1 maraschino cherry.


1. The first case puts a layer of melon balls and put a cherry.

2. Followed by lemon juice, and then a layer of vodka.

Tip: vodka is better to lay with a knife or bar spoon, because we are making layers. Although the density of melon liqueur more than the density of vodka, because it will not be difficult.

2. B-52

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_EOxLDMrqd1ir4Very popular and famous cocktail that we all like. There is hardly a bar where in the menu it is not. Theories of the origin of the drink, several, but we like the very classic. There is a bomber – Boeing B-52, which brought many problems to the enemies of democracy. And that’s the American pilots who were hanging out in Italy during the Second world war, and invented this nectar of the battles and bombs. It may be legend, but at the moment no one has denied.


– 20 ml coffee liqueur Kahlua;

20 ml cream liqueur Bailey’s;

20 ml orange liqueur Grand Marnier or Cointreau.


1. Use the build that the ingredients are mixed is important!

2. Pour in order with cocktail spoon. The top layer should be Cointreau or Grand Marnier.

3. Ignite the top layer and quickly drink. Can use a tube.

3. Valkyrie

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_WU1HcbyWK2LqpNamed in honor of those girls that take us to Valhalla, where every soldier is cozy and warm. The origin of the cocktail the North, which is not surprising. Good degrees and perfectly warm. Yes, and you can juggle the components – it does not really matter.


– 45 ml of vodka;

15-20 ml of Jagermeister;

– 30 ml cream;

– a little mint liqueur (a few drops for flavor).


1. Throw all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.

2. Well shaken.

3. Pour into any glass tumbler is perfect).

4. Nuclear energy

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_XTvZbNu20jvFmWhere without it? The whole world rests on it, the whole international relations system balances. Atomic energy – good and evil, and also a good cocktail that we make in a glass for Martini.


– 30 ml gin;

– 30 ml dry vermouth;

– brandy (cherry);

– a little bit of liqueur Pernod.


1. Is made the same as the previous one. Throw everything in a shaker with ice.

2. Shake well.

3. Pour in containers, nothing complicated.

5. Kamikaze

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_jsb4SBAPxAvj4A classic that never dies, despite its name. According to legend, «Kamikaze» originated in one of the bars of Japan during the time when the war was over. The drink was named in honor of the heroes who, realizing the inevitability of death, was still the enemy. Despite the fact that the Japanese were on the other side, we cannot fail to recognize their bravery. A cocktail is just more proof of their memory.


– 30 ml of vodka;

– 30 ml Cointreau, Triple sec or blue Curacao;

– 30 ml of juice of lemon or lime.


1. A cooled Martini glass.

2. Meanwhile, fill the shaker with ice and mix it all the ingredients.

2. Drink, remember the fallen heroes, strangers, everyone.

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