Mighty mug MIGHTY MUG


For many of us coffee is an integral part of life as water, sleep or sex. And we are not able neither to talk nor to mental labor, while the drink will not be filled in the larynx.

And all the coffee drinkers at least once in their life faced with a despair that rises and lays a merciless wave, when fragrant, steaming mug accidentally topples to the floor, spilling all the contents. Apparently, the makers of the MIGHTY MUG, I decided to take pictures of all misery.

The mighty mug is a unique piece that combines advanced technology, attractive design and affordable price. This thermal mug, which rests on a table or any other smooth surface and not overturned by careless movements. From the splashing from the top it protects the plastic cover. Even if you push a mug specially, she will remain in place. It happens thanks to SmartGrip technology used by the manufacturer in the manufacture. Traces from the Cup on the table will remain.

«Mighty mug» that has a US patent, made of high quality non-toxic materials, safe for the environment and health.

It is available in two versions: stainless steel (triple-wall) and high quality plastic (double wall). Part of the stainless steel mug has a plastic lid blue, black, red or pearl colors to choose from.

MIGHTY MUG works as a thermos: if you pour into it a hot drink, it will remain so for four hours, and cold juice will be cool during that time.

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