Microsoft developing gaming tablet

Bro, like, tablets I want out of the market, conventional and familiar to our eyes the laptops. Since I like tablets, I like that idea.

Not so long ago we wrote about the newest tablet that has a cool gostyami and which will cost as the plane.

All known followers of bill gates of Microsoft is going to release a powerful gaming tablet for igruh and entertainment. Tablets are becoming increasingly resemble the normal computers. Already the phrase tablet computer does not seem more far-fetched.

The device will proudly bear the name Xbox Surface, because Xbox is a brand owned by Microsoft and makes the console and the Surface tablets the company on Windows 8. Such symbiosis came out, man.

There is evidence that the tablet will have a 7-inch screen, whose resolution will be 1280 by 720 pixels. rumor has it that the device will be used in the ARM processor, but no precise information.

Operating system tablet will be a stripped-down version of Windows 8 as the company plans to focus particularly on game, of course, the gadget can perform some other functions, but it is expected that the device will resemble a flat portable Xbox. By the way, it’s even the same factories that rivet Xbox.

The estimated price of the device is unknown.




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