Micro Sonic Grenade — a small grenade sound

Micro Sonic Grenade0220358070

Jokes — what unites the bro of all ages. Even the venerable head of the family of overgrown children, might enjoy fun of their employees. So warmly recommend you to pay attention to this thing. In fact, it is a hand grenade that produces a killer, unbelievable, and disgusting sounds of sirens.

You take such a small thing, find a victim, get a timer and hide it somewhere where it won’t immediately find. We can only wait and enjoy the effect. I have to say: the sound is just so fucking disgusting! We have been warned!

The pitch of the sound emitted by the device is equal to 110-115 decibels that can only be compared with the sound of a circular saw that someone «thoughtfully» brought to your ear. The timer device is installed at 5, 30 and 60 seconds. Batteries included in the kit.

The price of this horrible things — $ 10. You can buy thinkgeek.com

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Micro Sonic Grenade1501022433

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