Michael ray: «the ultimate goal»

manygoodtips.com_27.02.2014_mayuG59ugaH4uThe publishing house «Mann, Ivanov, Ferber» book was published and Professor Stanford University Michael ray. He developed the course «Creativity in business», on which was written this book is. Professor not only teaches at the renowned University, but he has successfully applied in practice method, which teaches students: heads of the airline and commercial center, the firm, which sells through catalogs and this is not a complete list of his classes. An impressive track record, which gives the reader to understand the: book works.

Non-religious person and skeptical the name may sound suspicious, it’s, well, more for higher purpose? What is this «higher»? Do not rush to be wary of strangers you concepts, try to read it. The book is good.

The book of ray can be seen as a practical guide to self-awareness, which in our days is given so little attention. People tend to focus on public opinion, to live other people’s desires and dreams and seemed to have quite forgotten that they themselves are unable to want something. The author helps to be distracted from the external stimuli and to listen to yourself, asking yourself simple questions and honestly answering them. It turns out that everything is so simple that even I can not believe.

Quote: You can see at first glance, Hobbies such nice to you. You may well find that the tasks that you usually avoid, not so bad, in fact they can be quite interesting, unless you are doing them consciously.Michael ray invites the reader to follow him some steps to be aware of their «higher purpose», which can be called though the meaning of life, though the link, though love, though its essence — the meaning is still the same. It invites the reader to Wake from sleep, to awaken, to recover. Modern man lives as if on autopilot: doing what is not wanted; wasting time in vain, and then regrets it; sacrifices unimportant in favor of the supposedly important, but society imposed; eating when not hungry, to just something to do; says what he thinks not that to fill the silence — and does not realize it. Is it good? It is possible to live differently? Michael ray says you can, and looking at it, the reader begins to believe it.

What not to expect from this book, is a concrete and clear step-by-step guide to achieving prosperity, wealth, power and anything else. Universal statements do not exist, there is only advice on how to relate to the world, to yourself, to others and to this is the thing were looking up. The book just gives the reader who wants to apply the rules stated therein, a slightly different Outlook on life.

The Bhagavad Gita is a monument of ancient Indian religious-philosophical thought in Sanskrit, a part of the sixth book of the mahābhārata. Is the basis of Hindu philosophy.The situation can be compared with the recommendations to drink more water to lose weight, to build muscle to no body hurt. It would seem, at what here the water is and why commemorate it at every opportunity? The answer is obvious: the water brings universal benefit. Same thing with the right mood. It’s not specific instructions, not the method of achieving the goal, and your view of events. You should change it — and the works themselves will come out differently, and things might be very different.

The book is full of references to Eastern wisdom, yoga, meditation, Bhagavad-Gita: Professor Michael ray also teaches classes in meditation and singing. The people of the East have always been calm and contemplation — maybe we too can partake of their wisdom.

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