Michael J. Fox – the legendary traveler

manygoodtips.com_6.11.2014_iwjcztOFO3Qv5Something we missed the rest of the film Back to the future, or rather, the main character – Marty McFly. Of course, you already knew that today we will talk about the outstanding actor, the face of virtually a whole generation of Michael J. Fox. How do you like the idea to remember childhood, that somehow got heroes the actor? We don’t mind a little nostalgia, I think that you are too.

If you’re a fan, you should know about the other roles of Michael, in addition to the trilogy «Back to the future». Jay is a real actor though, in addition to acting, also had to prove themselves in the role of writer, activist, producer, Director of film and television.

Let’s talk a little about his childhood, life and career of J. Fox. Let’s start with the fact that he was born in 1961. Not to say that life shook this child, but for his 13 years, he travelled over almost all of Canada. Frequent moves were associated with the fact that father Jay was movenologin.

Career of the father assumes a strict upbringing, why Jay did not become an athlete or not served in the army, you ask? And all because the mother Jay was an actress, apparently her genes to a greater extent passed on to his son. Prior to his career Michael was far away. First he tried himself in the role of performer, but with professional sports Jay’s never happened, the reason is a slight increase.

manygoodtips.com_6.11.2014_XuZjnjAUdNHukIt was clear that there was no time to mourn the failed career of the athlete. Jay knew that we must go further, so he did. His next crucial step is the entry in the circle of acting. Of course, the teachers immediately noted the ability of Michael and predicted his unprecedented success in her acting career.

Fox has received numerous awards and have shown themselves worthy, then his teacher became strongly advise him to buy a ticket and go to Hollywood. When shooting in the movies was kind of a pipe dream, but Jay still decided not to stop there. He soon tells his mother that goes to Los Angeles at the time Michael was 18 years old.

There is a reason he decided to seriously pursue acting seriously. Still at home had to take part in the filming of the series «Leo and me». We can say that already noticed as a good actor. Of course, it had to be a complete fool to stop there. So Jay was looking forward to his coming of age to go to another city, closer to his dream.

First, his life in a new place was not like a fairy tale. All the auditions Michael failed one after the other. He had already sold all the furniture, resigned to his defeat and was ready to head back home, but he was stopped by a fateful phone call. Jay Fox suggested shooting in the TV series «family ties.» Through this work, Michael became known around the world.

Work.com.ua_6.11.2014_VdEd9nwSOqxNTSoon Jay has already offered to play in your favorite of the trilogy, but the producer of «Family ties» did not want to let go of his lead actor. So the role of Marty McFly originally took another, but soon expelled, and again called Jay. To give Fox simply had no right, he knew that from this picture depends on its success in the movies. Therefore, since the beginning of the film «Back to the future» Michael lived just in frantic mode. From 10 to 6 p.m., he starred in the TV series, and from 6 to late night working in the legendary trilogy.

You probably know that shooting in «Back to the future» was given to Jay Fox is not easy. On set, the actor nearly lost his life: in the scene with the hanging of the protagonist, the rope too tight his neck. The crew was amazed at how believable playing Fox until he lost consciousness.

After the release of the three legendary movie Jay continues to do cinema, but it becomes increasingly difficult. The fact that Parkinson’s disease was aggravated (the first signs of the disease were identified in 15 years). So Michael throws all the forces to fight for their lives and the lives of others with the same problem.

Jay’s efforts were not without success. 5 Mar 2010 the Swedish Karolinska Institute awarded the Fox the title of «honorary doctorate» for his contribution in research of the disease. As you can see, Jay has managed to participate not only in the development of world cinema, but also in the fight with an as yet not fully understood disease.

manygoodtips.com_6.11.2014_bvTI1SdVL96QrMichael J. Fox earlier puts all the force on the study of Parkinson’s disease and help people suffering from her remember him, as an actor, activist and writer. Well, of course, the first thing you remember in the role of Marty McFly – the guy who travels in a time machine, with its flying deck.

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