Michael Bay: the abuse and sale Director

Work.com.ua_6.04.2016_Gnv6qgKFppi5SI know that criticism quite sharply speak about my films. So I followed the advice of Jerry Maguire, just don’t read their articles.There are several events the definition of cult and directorial greatness. One of them is cash. How much cash and successful Directors are Xavier Dolan, françois Ozon, and even woody Allen? This question is not immediately answered, it is easier to find explanation for why the weather in the last few years resembles the female character. But with Michael Bay all clear, just his name has become an undisputed synonym for the words: «good movie, with dizzying action, plenty of explosions and gross-box office receipts». One of the most popular and sought-after Directors on the planet would not have achieved success without talent, he is definitely there. Can be seen in all aspects of filmmaking, with the result that people consume colorful but a bit empty blockbusters, but those movies probably also needed. And the Bay we really need. He, Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan make movies that really need the public.


manygoodtips.com_6.04.2016_bR7QYn0Rt9P15One day I got a call from Tarantino, and I complained that he saw an article with the headline «is Michael Bay the devil?», what Tarantino said to me: «don’t worry, a year ago, they called me the Antichrist.»Before you jump in the car a box office success and go to a meeting to its 5 nominations and two wins in the «Golden raspberry», Bay had, it is not strange to be born. With this, he coped brilliantly, but the parents did not appreciate the efforts of son. The father of the future Director did not know, and her mother, apparently realizing all the difficulties of the existence of single mothers in the world decided to leave it. Fortunately, fate has always been supportive of Bey, in spite of the bad screenplays. It was picked up by family, which he rightly considers to be his real. But this did not prevent him years to find his mother. By the way, saying that his father Director did not know, it is worth remembering that the mother did not know from whom was born this Amateur pyrotechnics. So a decent woman, probably, with a purity of at you. However, she remembered that the father might be legendary Director John Frankenheimer. Young Michael went to the alleged father. Frankenheimer remembered hot milf Baie and did not categorically deny his paternity, and offered to do a DNA test. The results of the analysis showed that Frankenheimer is the same father, as the Soviet foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko. The news upset Michael because he believed that is very similar to the famous Director and is therefore not believed the testimony of the examination.

Shortly before that, the adoptive parents sent Michael to school CrossroadsHiqh, after which he entered Wesleyan University of the arts, Middelton. In fact, to go to Directors guy made children’s enthusiasm to shoot everything on camera and is constantly experimenting with pyrotechnics. So, it was already evident then. One day the bastard filmed a train wreck tied to the toy railway the firecracker. In the end, to «set» the firemen came.

In fifteen years the guy even got a job in the company «Lucasfilm» helper decorator. He enthusiastically followed the work of Directors and actors. Adjusting the lights or making coffee Steven Spielberg, Michael, like a sponge, absorbed everything that happened on the set: have a clear goal in life – to become a filmmaker.

After graduating from University in 1986, Bay immediately got to work. But not once in the movie, he, like most Directors of the new time (especially Russian), I had to take clips and ads for life.

Holding the camera

Michael BayThe Director is not a profession. It is, rather, a career. And it is beautiful.In the United States of America has existed almost monopoly of all the music videos of that time, the team under not the best for it and keep moving foward office name Propaqanda Films. But propaganda, a film about the decadent West and the purity of the Aryan race they were doing – only clips. A young and talented such a case commissioned work to remove such mastodons scene of the 80s, like Tina Turner, Donny Osmond, Richard Marx.

After that we have received proposals from known corporations to commercials. Here are their names: Nike, Reebok, Budweiser, Coca-Cola. His 90-second clip about the Second world war inspired the marketing of the brand Coca-Cola, and in 1992, his state is the red cross received the award, Clio. But wanted more, wanted movie.

In his student years, Michael had no passion for the dark scenes, preferring a light and entertaining movie. Indeed, it was the best way to stand out from the crowd of pseudo-intellectuals and become popular. Actually, the very first shot the film was light and entertaining. You know this tape and perhaps love of a classic – «Bad boys». Will Smith, not shoving his son in all the cracks, funny, skinny and popular Martin Lawrence and resilient Bad Boys. No special effects (although the bombings and shootings included), but a lot of black in every sense and witty humor. Apparently, still the most witty of his paintings with a natural, slightly rough, but still not done on the computer coolness.

The film is shot. The story of two «ugleplastik», filmed by a white Director, shot immediately after collecting a considerable cash and making everyone who took part in it, stars.

However, within every day brighter and stronger made itself felt cunning demon action, which required blood and filming. After gathering a huge credit of trust, BAE took his first action – the «Rock». A good film, in which the devilish charisma of sir Sean Connery and scared face of Nicolas cage who make their way to the unflappable ed Harris on Alcatraz, has subdued the audience into the film. Really nice, though a typical action movie. Let there are a lot of cliches, but it is shot beautifully, despite the fact that the girl cage is far from beautiful. The jury of the award «Oscar» nominated this work in the category «Best achievement in sound». And that’s all. With a budget of $75 000 000 brought box office receipts in the amount of $335 062 621. Then the producers realized what born Michael, and the Director began to specialize exclusively in big-budget action movies and used during the filming of a huge number of special effects.

With blockbusters for life

manygoodtips.com_6.04.2016_40OMpcuy6ozO3I’m making a movie for teenagers. Oh my God, what a crime.The third film shot at the decade ahead and perhaps will remain the main work in the life of Bey. Blockbuster name, young Ben Affleck, who is probably more famous thanks to the Aerosmith I don t Want to Miss a Thing», and a crazy story about the adventures of drillers on the asteroid and the heroic death of a charismatic workaholic for the good of America. Maybe because of Aerosmith’s daughter Arwen.

«Armageddon» received four nominations for «Oscar», cult status, feyspalm millions and millions of gallons of tears. Opinions were divided, otherwise Bey not being nominated for a «Razzie» in the category «worst Director».

Four nominations for Academy award and a nomination for the «Raspberry» the Director brought military action movie «pearl Harbor» in 2001. A touching story without action, the cosmos and of biological weapons in the entourage of the Second world are also to blame. There was explosions, not for nothing that the Lieutenant of the famous Russian film was so fond of the Admiral, Yamato, Shokaku, Zuikaku, Akagi, Kaga.

In 2007, Michael Bay together with Steven Spielberg created the blockbuster «transformers», which broke the record of the film «spider-Man 2» at the box office. Bey work on a sequel to the successful action brought such positive results – it to the nines criticized leading critics, and the prize «Golden raspberry» was awarded the Director win in three nominations: «Worst picture,» «Worst Director» and «Worst case scenario».

Despite this, in June 2011, Michael Bay released film «transformers 3: Dark side of the moon», but the main female role in it played by Megan Fox (Megan Fox), and Rosie Huntington-Witli. Just not the best intelligence and beauty in the region of the thumbs of Megan accidentally said in an interview: «Michael Bay on the set behaves like Hitler.» Spielberg, the man that the lion’s share of his career he denounced the horrors of fascism and Jewish oppression, it is not like this comparison, and he chose to get rid of the actress, rather than from the «Fuhrer».

You know, when I finish work on the film, I love to see the reaction it evokes from the audience the first premiere» week. This, of course, and criticism, and that around the world people are enjoying the film. But when I look at you created long ago, is, I think, «How pathetic and ridiculous!» The thing is that the moment you have grown, you have a new experience, and you know how to do better. That is why many Directors subsequently attempt to fully or partially re-what has been removed.Since then, the career Director is on the thumb. He, like the ancient Greek king Midas, turns to gold all it touches. Everything, even remakes like «the Hitcher» and «Friday the 13th», collects the cash, which the Directors of social institutions inevitably develops a heart attack. But not everyone likes the emptiness and stanbennet his films. Bay loves explosions, pyrotechnics, does not reflect on the logic of the script. His films are off the producers so as not to spin the President during the election campaign. It removes the empty Hollywood slag with lots of action, where 50% are made on the computer, and the other 50 acting according to the canons. But however the audience, seeing his name on the cover, still pays for the ticket, because he understands that even if the film is full of flaws and doesn’t make much sense, but it is made so beautiful, as Dali did not work.

People need the kind of cinema where you can relax, politicalese from the battle giant robots and wince from the sudden explosions, altimas popcorn on a vibrating chair. If there is no such simple spectacular pop-kornevogo movie, the film will be helpless, and Comedy with melodrama quickly got tired of. Light genres has always been, another thing is that they became too much… Then Bey to save their unikalnost and somehow resist the oppression of critics, will have to break with your favorite special effects are the offices of Marvel, DC, and it is desirable to have a number of John.John. Abrams, Riddly Scott and Zack Snyder.

Although there was a bright side to this is in the film «Pain & Gain», where explosions at least, but a lot of narrow-minded, but fair of Dwayne Johnson and a good actor Mark Wahlberg. This picture or cursed on what light is, or abseloutely like a young girl. Opinions were divided, but the return of the Bay to the lair of the «black» comedietta, though not without blood and fire rekindled in many the faith in his talent. If he refused piled them by stanovanjski, the film would have been better, but still left the most provocative in his career (don’t confuse the word «provocative» with the «best», best is still considered pearl Harbor»).

manygoodtips.com_6.04.2016_i9TMQbjHSUIFyAnd Bey do not care, he continues to live with her two mastiffs between the two houses in Los Angeles and Miami, saying, «Suck it, haters» – all critics, who are 98-year claim and getting louder and louder that he had no talent. And it is coated with hundred dollar bills, continuing to rivet more and more terrible explosions repurchased by James Cameron’s production company special effects Digital Domain. Living well after all, a parasite.

A huge number of people hate me and my films. But my films make good money. More than two million dollars is a lot of tickets.

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