Mexico has banned mini skirts

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All right, dude, the Mexican macho is no longer possible to look at the long tanned legs of local women, because the government of Ciudad acuña has imposed a ban on wearing mini-skirts. Trouble is, dude, but not all.

Now residents cannot wear not only a skirt but also women’s clothing men that’s actually logical! Just how to be Scots!

Dude-chief of security management long and euphonious name Javier Aguayo-Camargo (Javier Aguayo y Camargo) observed that such clothing was prohibited in order to maintain the standards of morality, decency and to prevent certain crimes. Is it, I wonder? The man explained that women in mini-skirts often engaged in prostitution, involved in the thefts of people and provoke fights. Men in women’s clothes prevent to identify themselves and can go into women’s toilets.

The LGBT community of Mexico, of course, will protest, what does he do? However, for mini-skirts, it’s a shame that so.

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