Metro trains for singles

Picture taken 26 January 2010

Lonely to be not too good. Well, at least, so says the vast majority of citizens. Of course, many after gaining half think otherwise, but not about them now speech.

In Prague at the end of this year will start the «train of love». What kind of snotty bullshit, you ask? Yeah, dude, this stuff is really runny, but some may like it. The love train will be an ordinary train station but a bit unusual colour (how it will look, while not exactly clear). These trains will be assembled lonely hearts to get acquainted to different relationships, because somehow it is necessary to look for a «soul mate»? However, from our point of view, the idea of a priori failure. Can even explain why. When the train arrives, the first thing you can think is that this train is not for you. You have to go and you jump into any composition regardless of what is written there. In the end, you can jump in there and try to ignore wanting to talk to you. In addition, it is hardly timid people it will help, because the approach it is still necessary.

In short, the idea is that once, say, a failure!

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