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manygoodtips.com_29.09.2014_eXf5n7t5uA5qMThe largest U.S. media company, films where you saw everyone and you as well. Want to know a little more about this Empire? We will help you with that. The history of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer are really majestic and multifaceted. After all, they were the first filmmakers in the world for 30 years! On cartoons and movies that we grew up, that’s why I want to learn more about this miracle.

Famous all over the world the media company has discovered a simple guy with a big road, and already the owner of a chain of cinemas Marcus lion. In 1924 he organized the merger of three production companies — «Metro Pictures», «Goldwyn Pictures and Louis B. Mayer Pictures». In this Corporation Meyer was appointed head of the film industry in California, and Nicholas Schenk (companion Marcus) was occupied by the arrangement of theaters on the East coast.

Know who became the logo of the new company? Of course, you know. This is the famous roaring lion! For the first time people saw him on movie screens in 1916. First it was the symbol of the Goldwyn company, they have the same and was borrowed for the motto of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: «art for art’s sake».

After the formation of the new Empire, the first task Mayer was the end of filming the big-budget film in the history of silent movies — «Ben Hur: the story of Christ.» The triumph of this film allowed MGM to get around Universal Studios as the largest by revenue of the States. The title of «best Studio in Hollywood,» and first place in the «big five» filmmakers MGM will retain over the next 30 years.

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2014_NkWwe8YXNC9wAThree years after the opening of a big Studio, her father died. Leo died in 1927, and it was actually isolated war between Schenck and Mayer. They fought for the right to maintain control over the largest Studio in America. You do realize that the game was worth the candle, so at this stage from these guys you can expect anything. Even of deceit and treachery.

However, under the guidance of Thalberg and Mayer Studio produced approximately 50 movies a year. Unlike its competitors, MGM consistently paid dividends to shareholders. Even in the midst of the great depression there was not a year that the Studio graduated from would loss.

MGM it went down in history as a pioneer of color cinematography. In 1928, Mayer released his first full-length color film with sound track — «Viking». Since 1938, the Studio is annually produced two films in Technicolor.

In 1936, all the work fell on the shoulders of Meyer. Not trusting to his own opinion, he has formed a Committee that was designed to assess the potential of a project. That, apparently, was the fateful decision for the future life of the company. The era of experimentation was in the past. Instead of having to light a new star, MGM betting on time-tested favorites of the public.

New scenarios literally could not squeeze in and give a company to make a deep and fresh breath. Preference for material suitable for family viewing — musicals, sequels and other adaptations uninteresting. In the 1940s produced a number of Studio films has been halved, and the cost of producing them has only increased. Starts the outflow of the «stars» to other studios, primarily for Paramount Pictures, which in 1942 for the first time bypasses the opponent at the box office.

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2014_o1FEVZvfLvrkOOne of the most successful units of the MGM was a cartoon where in the 1940s he worked as animators Tex Avery (movies dog droopy), the Duo Harman-Ising (movies bear Barney) and Duo, Hanna-Barbera (cartoons Tom and Jerry, 7 of which were awarded the «Oscar»). All that you saw, when I was still young, and I can evaluate the quality of these cartoons.

In connection with the mass spread of television in the late 1950s there was an outflow of spectators from the cinemas. The Studio system was legally equated to monopoly, and under pressure from the state MGM was forced to give up their own network of cinemas. Three years later, the company first recorded a loss. The following year, the shareholders made the resignation of Dore Shary. The animation division was closed for unprofitability. From this time began a gradual but irreversible decline mGM, accompanied by a reduction of its share in the national market.

In 2010, company executives admit the inevitable: they do not hide the fact that MGM is bankrupt with a debt of $4 billion On account of film-205 awards «Oscar», 15 of them — for best film.

Well, do not worry, let’s finish this story with a mention of the living logos of the company. So, we are on the roaring lions. As you already knew, the beast was not always the same, maybe you just did not notice. Actually there were six lions and roar are different.

It was a

For unknown reasons, in 1966 there was made an experiment with the change of the logo. And to say that the logo was changed to say nothing instead of a living animal and a roll of film, now used a stylized image of a lion. Fortunately, from this venture, the company abandoned two years later.

Here’s a fascinating and intimate history of the largest film companies in America. I hope you’re not too upset and pictures of lions have done you some good.

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