Method hard boil an egg


every man knows how to cook at least a few things: sandwiches, pasta, potatoes and eggs. Eggs — generally a separate issue, one can make a bunch of dishes: scrambled, fried, or simply cook, not bothered. So, today we will tell you how to boil eggs new harsh way. No, it’s not boiled «in the bag» and hard-boiled. This is the new and cool stuff, simple, as all the other brilliant things. When dudes in the wording watched this video, we had one question: why didn’t we think of this before?

In General, as a result you get a uniformly yellow egg inside of the shell. You no albumen and yolk — yellow homogeneous mass — it looks hilarious, and done just. All you need is actually an egg, a shirt or longsleeve (any clothes with long sleeves) and a pair of ropes. Alternatively, you can borrow a couple of rubber bands at her friend or to use threads. What to do with this good, I’ll show you the man in the video. As he made it up, how?

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