Metallica announced a new album

manygoodtips.com_23.03.2015_m4nTKGVbJMxHBDude, it’s okay! The boys did not disappoint!

But if more restrained, Creator, drummer, author, and the main catalyst for the greed of Metallica Lars Ulrich said that the band had twenty songs for the new album, and soon they will start recording.

Recall that this is the first album since the controversial Death Magnetic, which was released back in the days when the President was Medvedev, and Russian national team on football something else showed in 2008. During this time, the team played a concert in Antarctica (being the first who has played on 6 continents), released in 2011 unanimously criticized by a collaborative album with Lou reed with the speaker called Lulu, after which in the direction of California, the group threw stones. They flew before, because many fans from the time of St. Anger (and some already since Master of purpets(1986)) waiting for the guys to get done with the experiments and go back to good old thrash metal, like Slayer. Because then you can be proud to wear a hoodie with the logo of your favorite band.

«We most tomatoes in this case – says Ulrich. We have a lot of songs, and we process and finalize them. All are very close.»

According to Lars, this time the team will be writing songs almost immediately after their creation, trying not to waste time on numerous rewrites.

«The creative process is close to completion. Just remember that we are talking about «time METALLICA». That is when I say that we are close to completion, this means that everything will take a month or so. A lot going on, communication with family and personal events… But we pretty much sit at this (writing) every day,» added Lars.

Let’s hope that the long-awaited album will be released this year. In 2013 «Chalk» promised an album release in 2015. Yet it all fits together. But let’s not rush guys. Better you work to on the album was not disappointed cries of the fans that it’s not «the Black album». In fact the next album will have to wait 5-7 years. Besides, the guys are busy touring schedule, and on August 25 they will perform in St. Petersburg and 27 in Moscow.

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