Mercedes finally got a convertible available

Mercedes-Benz produces luxury cars. And, frankly, status. Of course, it also has all there are C classes, but they are still quite expensive for the average buyer. And here the Germans have pleased us with a handsome convertible From Class.

In the field of car enthusiasts has long been talk about creating available to a wide range of machines. But until today this information was not confirmed. And here’s Steve cannon, Executive President of the American division of Mercedes-Benz officially confirmed the creation of the car.

Work on the creation of cars coming, and all with the aim to attract Mercedes to a young target audience. Well done guys, very true targeting! Price, quality plus popular youth format can turn a new car, a new automobile idol of youth.

The new convertible is going to build on the platform of the next generation With Class – modular rear-wheel drive, which bears the name of MRA. It will be first introduced on the new S Class next year.

The most affordable convertible Mercedes-Benz car E Class, which starts from 2 610 000. It is expected that the convertible With the Class will be close to 1 550 000 rubles.

Also not counting the new convertible Class Mercedes-Benz wants to satisfy the diverse tastes of car enthusiasts four-door coupe CLA and compact crossover GLA.

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