Mentally strong people: how they look?

manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_jPdCBvNmRUaXSWe already wrote about how to look emotionally strong people. It’s time to learn the other side was mental. We do quite a few things that do not make sense. This was a bad experience, it’s annoying our psyche, it makes us tired, sick, unhappy. Keep your emotions in check is one thing, but it is worth keeping in the rigors of your thoughts? Yes, it is. This will help you become much better. Mentally strong personalities exist in nature. As they become, I don’t know. Perhaps they are born with such inclinations, they probably got them for life, but it seems that they are very difficult to withdraw from mental stability. Not people, and computers. How to become them? How to find mental strength and not screw it up?

1. Not to remember the past once again

Sometimes it goes for good episodes of life. Let bygones be bygones, right? Why kill all? I have so many wonderful things to experience, and events, which we must try to avoid. There is no point wasting emotional and mental energy on something that has passed. As I said, this also applies to the positive aspects of our lives.

2. Do not stay in the comfort zone

In the comfort zone we tupe, degraded and not rest the soul. We don’t need facilities, our body and mind is designed to solve various problems. Active nature abhors uniformity, and circuit facilities. And active nature — so mentally strong.

3. To listen to the advice of entourage

For some reason people stubbornly believe that a real person is not listening to anybody and never. This is absolute nonsense. No one can be equally knowledgeable about all areas of the economy. King always need advisors, but that doesn’t mean you are king. Brainstorming — a lot of smart people. So you will save your nerves and mental strength will go not to the search for new ideas, and to analyze received. When it comes to brainstorming, no matter who voiced the good idea. A good idea is a good idea, regardless of who is its author. Allow your ego to make decisions based only on your fantasies, stupid.

4. Not to avoid changes

Strong mental man understands that changes can not be avoided, therefore, does not twitch, but calmly goes with the flow. It is not loose in the course of his life, he’s not trying to hold onto remnants of the past. Trying to avoid change is pointless, it’s a waste of time and energy.

5. Be open to new knowledge

We don’t know. And that’s fine. People have a natural instinct for curiosity that leads us to new experiences. The mind craves new knowledge, new emotions and impressions. Instead, some people carefully avoid the unknown. For example, contemporary music, literature and cinema. Experience shows that modernity is able to create interesting things, and the attempt to dissociate itself from them — a foolish attempt, which makes our mind closed-minded.

As I said above, we don’t know! We do not know if someone did not say. It is not necessary to convince everyone that you know something, but forgot. Forgot or do not know? Say it! Everyone and everything is clear, even though you will not look like a fool.

6. Do not allow others to make decisions for themselves

Your decisions then your decisions that you make have to yourself. To shift responsibility on someone’s shoulders — not that you need a man who knows life. If you don’t have the courage to survive failure, then you don’t have the courage to succeed.

7. Do not envy other people’s success

A strong mind is a man to spit on someone else’s success. He would deal with his. Who finished faster than you? Oh well, who cares if you don’t race? A big plus mentally stable people that they do not participate in any competitions. They’re just doing their job. They don’t care about a silly cheap things in the spirit: «a Man should be a winner!» «The whole world is a competition!» For them, the whole world really competitions, though competition increased complexity with overwhelming odds in the form of thousands of different factors. They understand that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

8. Do not think that most probability to fail

The chance of failure is always there, even when all is quiet. You need to understand that it can take place, but leave it somewhere on the borders of your mind. If you are constantly thinking that you might fall, you eventually will fall. Constant thoughts about the risks of not helping you to avoid failure, they only prevent you to do all you can to all went well. As if you constantly thought that you will make a mistake, I thought and thought and then actually made!

9. Not feeling sorry for myself

Hardly a strong mind person comes to mind sorry for yourself. A strong mind and a strong that is not a loser. Life can be difficult, someone gets in trouble, who ever dies but to feel sorry for ourselves or someone else — monkey work.

10. Not to focus on their shortcomings

Although work on our weaknesses has its advantages, it is more important to focus on getting a profit from our strengths. You can always «pump up» a weak hand, but sometimes it is quite possible to score, in advance, of course, making less clear and significant. But it is worth remembering that the attempt to be strong serednyachki makes you grey mouse, or, as some important comrades, «nothing.» However, a smart man always realizes that there are a specific set of skills or traits that put us in a favorable light and help to beat the competition with less effort. If biceps swinging with great difficulty and bobs just for women, maybe you should learn to attract girls some other way?

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