Men’s Hobbies that you should know

Cause time — fun time. This hour is vital. If your weekdays turned into torture, it’s time to find yourself a hobby — but not any hobby to. Leave the bowling alley and sawing jigsaw for a boring neighbor and be sure to get one of the five excite the blood of Hobbies in our list.

1. Base jumping

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_xZx7cYjo1IgpsIf you speak Russian, it is a jump with a special parachute, executable from fixed objects. In English the name looks like B. A. S. E. Jumping is an acronym of the first letters of the words building (building), antenna (antenna), span (bridge), earth (earth). With these objects and jumping base jumpers.

Unofficial base jumping began many years ago when some crazy guy thought, «Oh, it would be nice to jump off the statue of Liberty!» A bad example is contagious, but because today in the world there are many base jumpers, shausha with different platforms not having anything except a compact parachute and the fear of death.

Base jumping allows you to climb above the ground, like a regular parachute jump. The similarities end there. Parachutes for base jumping does not give that aerodynamic control that conventional parachutes. Moreover, buckles occur near the object, where the athlete jumps, and because of the relatively small height of the object, it accelerates quickly, as in parachuting.

If this hobby seems steep to you, search engine to help you. Look, what equipment you need and what is coming to you the appropriate platform to base-jump.

2. Climbing on ice

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_ZZGQooiYD9DaRClimbing, mountaineering — as any fool can climb mount Everest, right? So? And how many guys do you know that killing time climbing on the ice? I suppose a little.

This hobby could get you fame of this man. You just need to get to the glacier, frozen waterfalls or icy stone slabs and you are ready.

Your Alpine ice (in the mountains) and water ice (the more difficult to conquer). Laces boxers climbing boots, preferably with metal spikes, grab the «cat», you plunge the ice axe and go for their dreams. Don’t forget your camera: there certainly is a beautiful view. It is necessary to prove to people that all of this happened really!

3. The water skiing barefoot

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_7c5RHngqpeD1PConventional water skis for cowards. Of course, your ass and legs will hurt after normal driving, but it does not go to any comparison with the feelings of rassekaya water surface bare heels.

Somewhere in 1947, the water skiing barefoot has become a kind of cult. According to him, even throwing competitions and jumping, and skating backwards, slalom is when the athlete is barefoot crosses the stream, which is coming from under his boat, as many times as you can. Athletes from different countries meet to show what they can do, and with practice you’ll be able to ask them heat.

4. Winter swimming

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_PgbAB8aDkqc3lContinuing the theme of water sports and exposure of body parts not to mention winter swimming.

You only need to wait for cold weather and behave as a polar bear — they love to splash in the water when it’s cold. To swim in the summer too easy. Who cares about the possibility of catching a cold? Not you, not you’re a man! In addition, after this swim, all rely spirits — for therapeutic purposes. Just try and you might like it

5. Parkour

Porada.kom.ua_14.05.2014_kUnry7yrfBlc1By definition, parkour is a sport discipline whose purpose is to help people overcome the obstacles in his way, adapting to the environment. If to speak normal language, parkour is to fly in the air, jump as Jaguar and roll your masculine ass of all objects in the urban environment: this is playgrounds, parks, gymnasiums and abandoned buildings. Cool, huh?

It looks like you’re playing a spy or a superhero — and who secretly dreamed of becoming spider-Man at least for a day? He still Kirsten dunst owns, among other things. A little practice, you too can become a traceur will develop an enviable sense of balance, muscles and accuracy. All of this will do you good.

Apparently, this is most men’s hobby on Earth. Pick one and see how the girls fight for your attention. Go forth and conquer!

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