Men’s gift. Original and mens

Dude, there is a holiday the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, but most people call it a holiday not only as Men’s Day. If you have a familiar dude who needs to make a good gift, then here’s some cool ideas. If a woman accidentally wandered onto our site, it is her time to watch for interesting ideas for gift to your loved one.

1. Handle made of aircraft aluminum. At the end of this pen is quite durable pin, which can break the glass. Or scratch it. Inside the handle, under the cap you find a standard key for the handcuffs. The pen writes under water, in any position. Pen for all occasions! Very reliable, and it is possible to kill someone. Cost: $ 25.

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2. Survival kit in a jar of sardines. Case «banks sprat» is very strong, in it you will find everything you need to survive in any environment. There are medications, tea, and matches, and a razor. The price of a penny: $ 11, and look wildly authentic.

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3. A set of ten tools in one. A man should be able to do something with their hands. This gift will be happy with any of bro. Here are ten tools in all occasions: scissors, wire cutters, pliers, knife and more. You can buy for $ 20.

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4. Multifunction axe hammer. This axe perfectly crumbles tile, brick, wood and skull, in addition, it can be used as a wrench, as pliers and as a weapon. The tip he’s really sharp at the bottom. And dangerous. You can buy for $ 25. Evil and scary!

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