Men’s coat: fashion trends in 2016

What do we know about the coat? That word is not declined. And something in addition that «polite» can not speak? That’s the problem. As one of my wishes to be fashionable friend: «I have not bought leather coats that they used to call me a pimp!» Coat is outerwear, you can say, your face before the outside world, after all, judge a man by the clothes, especially at the top. So we sort through all the fashion trends associated with this legendary item. As you know, our life is ruled by fashion. What the designers say – is that the hipsters and fashionistas and will be on the slippery sidewalks.


Let’s start with styles. However, since last year, nothing really has changed. As in the past few seasons, remains a popular style dufflecoat, which is characterized by a U-shaped (in the best sense of the word) form.


Guys are more fashionable know that it is a hooded coat, and the flare loops, as a drunken hussar. Not surprisingly, a similar style was specially made for sharp and daring English sailors. And since dufflet withstood selected sailor swearing, fighting stools in the taverns and the cold winds of the North sea, and in the autumn-winter mist makes you comfortable.

To look at deflate elegant as a vampire, stop on models of medium length. It is appropriate to combine this outerwear with dress pants. It is not we, the designers say.


Classic, as you know, lives outside of time. What can I say, if in the era of tightening all men’s jeans and colored socks man in a classic coat causes silent admiration, then wearing it is definitely worth. And generals, and thugs, and the elite, and infidels.

Most designers presented the classic model of gray shades. Of course, they are not as severe as form sturmbannfuhrer SS or suit on the eternal rest lies in the Mausoleum of Lenin, but without the classic shoes and accessories it is best not to wear.


The word «casual» as it hints at elegance and emphatic aestheticism freedom of style. This style does not require complicated techniques to compose the image, and therefore it is the most common. Sort of like the classic, but versatile. This style goes well with almost any shoes with any trousers (not sports).


In a classic manifestation of this coat with turn-down as in Colombo, a collar, which is used for making thick water-repellent fabric. When choosing the style, consider that he combines both classic and military-inspired. But this does not mean that wearing it can only detectives and Vietnam vets. Even if you’re just a mechanic from Orekhovo-Zuevo, noses, coats health. But the Almighty designers were told to choose only natural colors.

Texture coat

Someone confined to the classic type and someone will diverge from this diversity, and are empty in all serious fashion. Such comrades are represented in this fashion season the invoice.

Fur trim

In the winter all I want warmth and protection. And some even pathos. If you want to be like Fyodor Shalyapin, or you’re shooting a landmark movie about some sun and Barber of Siberia, Your choice, sir, fur trim. The collar, cuffs and chest. Someone is lucky to have fur the protection of nature, and someone lucky enough to have the money to buy a coat with fur (though the fur does not necessarily have to be natural).

Goose leg

Crow’s foot is not the ingredient for a potion one of the participants of «Battle of psychics», and a fashionable mottled color. Many seem quite interesting, but, as they say designers should not be limited to the standard colour. Designers offer so many variations on this theme.

Panels of leather

Great don, designers are advised to play on the contrast, using leather panels various forms. It was hip 10 years ago, my grandfather used to walk, and great-grandfather, but here they are again in fashion. And should not be limited sleeves and chest, the insert can be everywhere.


My friend, you’re young, don’t be afraid to take risks! Fashion collage when you use several textures and density of fabrics at the same time. The result can be seen coat, down jacket or coat-fur coat (sounds like we are talking about the victim interspecific crosses in the secret lab). This before made from different scraps of clothing worn by Golota, now this outfits trendy guys. And I must admit, come across a really interesting model. However, this is not the first time, remember jeans and spaghetti.

Woolen coat

Men’s coat made of DRAP attracted, attracts and will attract both male and female attention. Men enjoy wearing ladies admire men in the drape. In fact, because some designers don’t have to reinvent the wheel – cross coat jacket and focused on elegant woolen coat. However, to wear such a coat, you need to have balls, a sense of style and be able to wear elegant things that are not so simple.


Of course, no one has canceled classic gray, beige, beige and black colors. But designers are urged to tell you that this season can and lippy colours.


30 years ago a group of «lube» sang the disgusting song about cells that are in a subway trolley. Then fashion intersect in a perfect square strips gone, but 4 years ago, the whole world resembled a solid variegated cage: all wore plaid shirts. Now the cells have calmed down again, so you’ll have a chance to stand out from the crowd. There are extravagant examples of how brands Ceruti and Boglioli. Their coat resembles a dressing gown. But Massimo Piombo and Ami offers a simpler version, but also with a large cage.


It’s not just the wine, but first and foremost color. If before the deep wine shades was uniquely female, it now slipped and male ranks. Officially. Be worn, but not in all areas safely.


If you want to stand out from the crowd like a lantern on the background of the bottomless of the November sky, dressed in a coat of red color. Not everyone will understand, not many will approve of, not everyone will think about you right, but since the designers said fashionable.

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