Men’s bedroom: tips on interior

manygoodtips.com_12.10.2016_1ZYPgQFCmkeUyWhat is a house? From the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, living room and, of course, the bedroom in which every man is glad of any beautiful woman. But if you own this cozy home, then you probably want the bedroom looked as it should, and it was only the most necessary.

You don’t want to live in a «candy store» room, because in it you to bed and fuck the hell. So the question we face is: how to equip the bedroom, she was a male? We did not suck the tips from the air, not to recommend you stuff, and therefore invited people who understand interior design better than us — experts from the architectural Bureau Beindesign.

Our theme is dedicated to the men’s bedroom, which in itself is very unusual. We understand the difference between a guy’s room-teenager (rock posters, every rebellion on the walls) of the room of a teenage girl (e.g., Teddy bears). But what is the difference between male and female bedrooms?


Alexander: First of all, it is worth noting that men prefer more modern trends in interior design: loft, minimalism, hi-tech, which enjoy great popularity; while women choose more conservative currents: American classics or Provence. Also the obvious difference is the color palette and choice of finishing materials. Men prefer a more low-key and dark palette, and women in bright and light colors.

Catherine: Men’s bedroom is a more rough and preference is given to faster functionality than decoration. Woman’s bedroom, on the contrary, softer, cozy. You know: beautiful pads, and baby soft — I don’t think man it will attract.

What mistakes do most often men, when trusted interior designing themselves?

Alexander: There is just a big difference between women and men there. The most common mistake starts with the initial design is bad or just wrong ergonomics of the space, which can spoil the impression of any design. The visual side of the problem, too, is suffering. Ignorance of the basics of design, or characteristic of a style often leads to amazing combination of incongruous. A wrongly chosen building and finishing materials can be simply short-lived or long-obsolete.

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_CImN0JEaQ44Y8Catherine: it is important to consider correct placement of places of storage, for example in the bedroom you can design a small dressing room or wardrobes that are always visually look better and generally more functional, in terms of space usage, as they can be projected up to the ceiling.

If a man wants to do everything himself, what steps he should take in designing the bedroom, to avoid errors?

Alexander: it is Necessary with the maximum responsibility towards the fundamentals of design, to analyze modern trends in construction and finishing materials, to accurately define the desired style and to examine its main features. It is worth remembering that repair is a serious thing and expensive, many mistakes in the choice of a particular element are then corrected it will be difficult.

Catherine: it is Important to avoid pieces of furniture from the same collection, same manufacturer, as the impression of the use of «furniture» — this is true even for lamps. The right combination of different textures, textures and shapes gives the best result.

Let’s say someone decided to go to the design Studio to arrange your haul out. Not necessarily to you. How to determine the adequacy of the designers? Probably there are lay people who offer something vulgar or dirty. Unfortunately, not all people have taste. Maybe there’s some simple rules of the qualification test? For example, if the designer offers to hang on the wall, leopard skin, and instead of ordinary beds to use water, feel free to go look for another?

Alexander: unfortunately, if you do not do the design or have not developed the taste to distinguish the professional from the Amateur is not easy. The most important factor in choosing a designer is his portfolio — it should consist of a large number of works. Remember that one of the most important criteria of professionalism is expertise.

Preferably before starting a search for a designer independently to determine the choice of style is to understand what it is you want. Once you define the desired style, is to look for what you want to see in the portfolio of the designer. Do not forget that the sense of taste is a subjective thing. You will be much easier to find a common language with the designer and understand each other if he already had experience in such styles that you like.

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_1Ob2PerCBDBAMCatherine: the color and Taste is subjective. When choosing the design Studio needs to put on their intuition, it is very important to you psychologically coincided with his designer. When you evaluate the skills of the designers pay attention to the adequacy of the decisions of the designer from the point of view of ergonomics of space and the reality of translating design ideas into reality. Everything else is flight of fancy and coincidence of tastes and views.

You always follow the client’s request or prefer to stand your ground because you know that it offers some kind of horror?

Alexander: the Main thing in our work: to make the lives of customers more comfortable to bring in their way of life aesthetics, to emphasize her individuality. And we always have a dialogue with customers, because there are things that, from our experience, require a compromise solution.

Catherine: If the customer wants something that obviously will spoil the whole interior, we are trying to discourage him and advise other, better and more concise decisions. Some things are open to compromise. But there were times when we were denied because of the impossibility of bringing an idea to life. For example, from the point of view of legislation it is impossible to put a fireplace or a pool in an apartment, so we can’t take on such work, even if what the client wants.

What should not be in the boys bedroom?

Alexander: Any things you can intelligently enter into the space, the secret is in the correct proportions.

Catherine: Perhaps a ruffle or a predominance of pink.

And what things have to be?

Alexander: the Bed is its functionality and purpose was self-evident, otherwise it would not be a bedroom. With regard to the necessity of the presence of other objects, it is entirely individual and depends on the willingness of the customer and requirements of the chosen style.

The material should dominate the interior, and why?

Alexander: In any case, you need to give preference to natural, environmentally friendly materials, regardless of whose bedroom it is male or female.

Catherine: In the men’s bedroom, for example, you can experiment with a combination of leather inserts in a metal frame with natural stone wall decoration. about the light? Maybe there are some original solutions, except for the chandelier and sconces?

Alexander: In all areas and especially in the bedroom it is necessary to provide multiple lighting modes, make it tiered and it is advisable to put dimer. This allows you to adjust the lighting from bright to dim and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. To space looks particularly impressive, you can emphasize the architectural elements of the led ribbon or to make decorative lighting of individual objects such as paintings or decor.

Catherine: In all rooms of the apartment, it is better to use multilevel lighting: ceiling lights, top light Central chandelier, floor lamps, table lamps, which are not necessarily only be used on bedside tables, and can be supplied, for example, on a coffee table or a chest of drawers, reading lights in the headboard. All this creates additional comfort and coziness in the room, allowing you to use different lighting depending on need and mood.

Imagine that you have two customer. One of them has money, and you can offer him a generic version of the men’s bedroom, not thinking about the fact that he empty purse. What will you offer him in the spirit of «it’s modern, now in the trend and will be important in 10 years? Another client of money almost does not matter. He came to you and plaintively asks for advice about his impossible tiny bedroom. Inexpensive how to arrange the room and what you should pay attention to when the small space and the paucity of funds?

Alexander: With large budgets should pay particular attention to processing, to use expensive and quality materials and furniture. In the end, to the interior was relevant 10 years from now, it should look once created. And to refresh the design and decoration textiles. To design been relevant for a long time, it makes no sense to chase short-term trends, this design is timeless.

With a small budget and limited square metres the final thing worth saving is the finish materials.Better to save money on unnecessary items than a couple of years back to make repairs. And of course, you need to choose the most comfortable bed and mattress from those that can afford it. Healthy sleep — a pledge of good health and good mood! I would also like to add that in our Studio we focus on is not the high cost of the materials used (of course, they should be natural), and the architecture of the space.

We carefully think through the geometry and architecture of the premises, emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. On the background of the correct architecture of the space with proper use of finishing materials everything else looks very nice regardless of budget. you have some unique ideas of interior which can dramatically change the mood of a room, then share them with our readers.

Alexander: I would Like to mention that lighting can completely transform a space. Sacarina lights around the perimeter of the ceiling or lighting a headboard can transform a bedroom into a space ship. You can also put tape around the perimeter of the floor, smontirovat it in the plinth, which will give an unusual effect floating walls, and hidden lights under the bed will turn it into a magic carpet. Do not underestimate the importance of the textiles and decor in the room — they are able to make the space fashionable and current without the help of the builders.

Catherine: you Can focus on the headboard. For example, it may be of considerable size, and it is possible to create a design from another texture or material to the mirror insertion — this technique visually expands the space. This theme can be many variations.

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