Men’s Arsenal: 6 things forgotten from the past

We men always gathered around a lot of stuff, although we believe that it is the prerogative of girls. If you sit at home, look around: see how many things have you bought? How many of them do you really use? We get everything, then you realize it uncomfortable, it is not necessary, and indeed obsolete. Speaking of aging junk. What do you think is the reason for the departure on the margins of history a purely male thing? And what is the cause of his resurrection?

1. Drinking horn

In popular culture the drinking horn is an essential feature of the Vikings and everything associated with the middle ages. Drinking horn gives some barbarism, because the Romans preferred to drink his wine from cups, certainly not from the horns. In fact, the drinking horn was widely distributed as a vessel to receive a strong and even simple water. It was distributed mainly in the Ancient period, Medieval and a little Renaissance. First, did these horns of bison and tours, but, as we know, these bovids animals destroyed, so then a drinking horn made from metal, glass and even ivory. Materials really was a lot.

Special advantages in this vessel was not. It just will not put on the table – the wine will overflow, but you can hang on the chain and keep the belt or on the neck. This is useful if you are constantly on the move. However, the horn was more of a ceremonial, religious or status of the vessel. He is associated with wealth, honoring the gods of fertility. But then it disappeared from the shelves, staying only part of Souvenirs. Why did this happen? The reason is simple – an obvious inconvenience. Much easier to walk the streets with a flask than with the horn on the chain. But many of us still remember the past, buying on Internet stores drinking horns and drinking from his beer when is the next football match.

2. Monocle

A monocle appeared in the 14th century. Then it had to hold the handle, but then people simplified the design, using the muscles of the face for fixation. The particular reverence he deserved in the second half of the 19th century and before the outbreak of the First world war. Know where it was bought more monocles?


In the Russian Empire and Germany. What’s the monocle was a product of fashion, not need, despite, no doubt, the medical function. During the revolution, the councils were often painted with capitalists, who were in monocles. So there was a stereotype that said that if you’re facing a guy in a monocle, it is likely that he was a bourgeois or an aristocrat, after all the normal working guys don’t wear monocles, they are shoveling coal into the furnace of the revolution. It would be absurd to forbid items of clothing, so the monocle was often used hidden opposition as a symbol of bourgeois tastes.

Today on this accessory forgotten. Although it can still be seen in masquerades, in the theater or on the face uporotyh freaks.

3. Cylinder


The cylinder was circulated throughout the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century. First he was an ordinary item of clothing for wealthy city boy, for students and for the bourgeoisie. Wore it to business meetings, dinner parties and everyday life used rarely. In the manufacture of felt, which made the first cylinder, used mercury. Hatter, of course, etched this mercury getting a good portion of dementia for all life. Then came the expression «mad Hatter». However, after used other materials. In the second half of his life, however, the cylinder became part clothes of the big bourgeoisie and financial elite of society, despite the fact that she wore it and postmen, and police. The socialists here have tried: started using this hat in their propaganda, and they did it until 80-ies, when the cylinders are long out of fashion. Inhibited.

Thus, the cylinder is transformed from mens high headdress with a flat top element of the ideological struggle. Working people were laughing at the absurd hat, and capitalists proudly wore it until it went out of fashion. Caricature of the American left tradition of the cylinder. While the Americans themselves are not offended, because one of the fathers of the nation, Abraham Lincoln wore a top hat. In Russia, however, the toe of the cylinder in the 20 years turned into pure provocation, and enjoyed, for example, Sergei Esenin and Anatoly Mariengof.

The cylinder will rise from the ashes? I think that felt hats chances a lot more.

4. Felt hat

That was a more serious thing, because it is not all lost, and wore it throughout the 20th century. Immediately there are associations with gangsters, detectives, or simply men who hurry in rainy weather. Wear it now, but for some reason the owners felt hats are often Hollywood stars, musicians or any other public entity. That is, a felt hat is now a part of the image, and the image of the strange men. Because each of our grandfather was such.


More surprising, nearly every third men’s clothing store you can find a hat like that, and someone actually buys them, but perhaps there are people who walk the streets? And why not go? Afraid to seem strange, stupid? But still we have the feeling that the fashion for hats will be back soon (say this every year, we know), and when she comes back, remember what we told you why you should wear a hat.

5. Cane


The cane disappeared from use as an orthopedic tool. However, she left our world as an element of style as a sign of class differences. It’s not that we cry, because, in essence, a cane – an extra burden on the budget, and the buzz from it in any way. Clear earlier in the sticks you can hide a knife or a blade to go with such hot spots is much safer. But now common telescopic poles, which are easy to fold and can be used in self-defense. In the old days, the cane was the senior military officials, the so-called «initial people», in small army. And ordered it at his own expense, and possess it could only military leaders (generals, colonels).

Buy decorative cane can be today. Usually they are made of expensive material (Sapele, Zebrano, laysvud, American cherry, Jatoba). When making a handle or knob use various metals: amber, bone, or stone. Cane – not cheap, so often handle order individual, with different decorative design. The peak of fashion on the cane fell again, in the 19th century, and now they are buying only collectors. Will she return someday? Perhaps in show business, but not in the everyday wardrobe.

6. Shawl

Good manners seem to be completely forgotten, since no one carries a personal handkerchief. A couple of hundred years ago the headscarf was mandatory for the gentleman and any other educated person. It often contained the initials of the owner, was thoroughly decorated with patterns or drawings. And here in this beauty blew his nose. Eventually, with the advent of new materials people have become more wasteful and at the same time more practical.

Today we use disposable handkerchiefs that you can throw away. It is not necessary to them a hundred times to blow my nose, then to wash and again to repeat the disgusting cycle of nasal secretions. Everything seems to be fine, but there remains a feeling in my soul, because the shawl was not created only for your tears, but for the girls.

Imagine such picture. You’re Dating a girl and she’s very upset: she cries, sobs, can not explain anything. She needed comfort, right? And, of course, for this you need to give her a handkerchief, which, without a doubt, you have in your pocket. What would be better? Cheap disposable handkerchief, smelling chemical «scent of lilacs», or perfectly ironed handkerchief of a soft fabric with a slight scent of perfume, and even an embroidered monogram? Here we’re talking about. So for such cases a handkerchief will never go out of use, and it is already possible to blow your nose and disposable.

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