Men don’t like smart women?..



There is a theory that says that men don’t like smart women, and actually hard to argue with her. I wonder what the authors think for this reason? And actually, maybe this is all nonsense.


A ridiculous theory. Always amazed at the ingenuity of women. More than sure that a similar idea has launched in mass minded ladies, who were trying to assert themselves at the expense of more intelligent and quick-witted girls.

After all, if the man doesn’t like smart, they like stupid, well, or slightly obtuse women. How self-sufficient man needs a dummy? Or at least half-filled with clever ideas, the so-called second half. Well, I do not take into account of the fart, which raise your libido prikovyvaya young and stupid girl.

You say that it is difficult to argue with this theory. I’ve been wondering why you find it difficult? There are two options: or you are not very smart girl who realizes that does not Shine with mind, or you’re an insecure guy who is afraid to have a relationship with a girl who is a step above him in mental development.

In any case, I do not agree with you, I can bet on this topic. Moreover, I since small years do not understand this «truth.» When I heard it I thought, «what a stupidity?!». Only I was always too lazy and no time to reflect on this theme. So I want to thank you for this question, regardless of whether you my answer or not.

Then I got to reminiscing and realized that none of my girls were stupid. But I can say that some of them were smarter than me. I guess, ideally, if you have the same level of development. Of course, this does not apply to those cases where both partners are stupid cork. Meeting with such people creates in me a thirst for violence.

So, I think that ideally, if you both are not fools. But each of you understands more in a particular area. This is normal. It’s cool. You can learn from each other. Well, or you will not compete in the championship. As it would be if you were both experts in the same field. It kills your joint relationship.

For example, you tell her something interesting about the planet, and she will share with you my opinion on the new artwork. You do not need to compete and go in a single binges after a fight because I talk about space. You just learned something new about life and about each other.

Well, that will tell you stupid woman? Tell you about the fantastic discounts in the exclusive shopping center? Not say anything in response to your tirade about the political condition in the country? Well, hell knows, maybe someone like this. The type of men love to feel your strength and it is important to know about its superiority. For me, it’s just intolerable nonsense which disgusts me to listen.

To live with a wannabe girl who can’t put a full proposal, it need only defective men. Who are afraid to hurt his ego and to admit that there are people smarter than them. Such a pair close to his wretched world and try to protect each other from more worthy people. Every hour they prove to each other their superiority and uniqueness.

But it isn’t much worse than living with a woman that considers itself Wasserman in your pair. She doesn’t understand that sometime you need to shut up and shove your opinion to hell. The truth is that men don’t like women who imagined themselves to some leftovers. And smart women… why not love them. They deserve it. If a woman is smart, she will never to stick out. So actually she is smart and love.

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