Memoto is a camera that captures your life, friend

Dude, you must have often regretted that you have not the right time was at hand camera. Watch some videos on YouTube, sitting at a cozy chair at home with a friend, and angry from what he could make the video worse, but the camera at the right moment at hand was not, and something remarkable gone forever, so that even the most eloquent translation of his best friends, but will not give a funny or important moment bright and interesting.

Dudes from the project Memoto also tired of no camera at hand, so they decided to collect money from the population and make some of these.

Memoto is a 5 megapixel camera fixed on the body and takes pictures every 30 seconds. The chamber design assumes the presence of the accelerometer and GPS that will help you to mark the pictures with coordinates of the location and the current time. Battery subject to the continuous shooting enough already for two days. So if you, my friend, is a two-day booze, Memoto will help you remember everything. The main thing that you have not regretted. Internal memory is enough for 4,000 photos.

At the time of writing this article for you, man, a friend of the project has raised more than one hundred thousand dollars greenery, which is very cool, considering that they had only fifty. Will wait for the device, estimated price is $280, mines and other human dash camera.


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