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manygoodtips.com_14.10.2014_hfoPZJnBUHKCwFrom the first glance it may seem that these tips are too specific and will not fit you if you work in a strict office, and do not write articles or pathetic stories. But this is only at first glance: in fact, it may be useful to you, so do not pass by and look at our little humanitarian carnival.

Well, if you’re the same hack as we are, then you will definitely love a couple of paragraphs from this article. I want to believe that you’re just disorganized, sometimes crazy drunk head in the clouds man. We know what we’re talking about, because our editors have the same footy types. So, dude, if you’re ready, then let’s get started.

1. Write it down in Notepad and not in Notepad

You’re already so estranged from the sheet of paper and pen, but in vain! You make notes only on the laptop or an advanced smartphone. You even downloaded a special application to make it easy to record your sinister thoughts.

Try to go to the nearest bookstore and find a simple, paper notebook. This is not a series of «better to smell the paper than to poke at the touch screen», just with this notebook really work.

When you take in hand a tablet or some other gadget to make the entry, be sure to get distracted. While you’re looking for a Notebook, you will stumble on Plants Vs Zombies and will stick there for an hour, and then not remember what you wanted to write. With the usual notebook, this will not happen. Especially, if fork, or a friend gives you an expensive Notepad in a leather cover, it will look much more impressive. Standard notebook — +30 of brutality!

2. Do not edit

If you called for a Muse or the head gave the neck, and your job is in full swing, try not to lose this wave. Now, when the words and the speed and fly out from under the fingers, don’t be distracted by bug fixes! If you add a ninth paragraph, then do not go in the second, to correct offers. Do not look at what I wrote earlier — do the current text.

Many have this habit, and, as a rule, it is very distracting. After all, while looking for the offer that I wanted to fix it and trying to find the right words, you have lost the thread of the last paragraph.

Some do not read their texts, but it is not always good. If after you text checks editor, proofreader you trust, you can afford this error. But better don’t do that. First, fill the text, finish the thought, and then sit for the test. The editor will give you +25 to karma.

3. Listen to the music

The composition playlist, which will include song, similar in mood with the theme of the text you’re working on. The music, the transitions, the band — some of this should match with the theme and mood of your «works». Don’t believe what the music is distracting. So, it can be distracting, but only when you’re in the mood to kick the dummy and not work.

Preferably, if a song is instrumental, then you will definitely not be distracted and you will only receive the energy of the cosmos. If you don’t take and you have everything in order with concentration, you can safely put on the download of any album by American Armenians.

4. Never keep yourself

Take it how you want, but when you make yourself time to work out much more and you hate the text, the customer and themselves. In short, you hate the whole world and be exhausted out of the fridge a Jew. Give yourself a short break. Turn the music louder, close the blinds in the office and make sure no one was hiding under the table or behind the door. Now do what you want: splash around with water from the cooler, scan your ass or just enjoy your favorite songs.

You have 10-15 minutes. Now stop the lawlessness. You yourself will understand that the time has come, because come the realization that tomorrow you’ll put on the first number, if you do not perform all the work and turn the article into a string.

5. Pick up the right clothes

Let it be low. I mean, let it be very comfortable clothing that you almost don’t feel it. If you’re wearing uncomfortable jeans or small size shoes, you can be sure — today you are not going to work: you feel like a woman on the first day of menstruation, to hate and shrink from pain and discomfort.

Wear what you feel comfortable with and preferably at the same time you were not like a homeless person, because it may not fortunate, and you will be confused with a hipster.

Most interesting is that you already know all this, just starting to think about each of these points when reading such articles. Now you again have other eyes look at your work and how you do it, but it will become important only when you actually change something.

A real writer amazes us by saying what we always knew.Well, the author learned in this text? If so, take a few notes in his notebook. We know another valuable tip that you will need, but will be able to use it only in case, if you’re not made of flesh and blood.

6. Write down brilliant ideas that come to mind and there are hot dancing tango, while you’re helplessly lying in bed.

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