Meet Hugh Hefner — the conqueror of women’s bodies knows old Hugh Hefner! Even if you’re not familiar with his person, certainly the length and breadth studied his offspring (with the bathroom walls) is a Playboy magazine.

When a person becomes overly popular, all eager to learn how he achieved such success? In the case of Hugh, it was a result solely of his work. It is obvious that Hugh was not always a wealthy man, as expected he was born in an ordinary family. Disaccustomed in school without much enthusiasm and took a course of psychology at the University. In the interval between school and University had to go to the army, whence came the Second world war. Yes, there is a point in his career. True, he was at war already when it came to an end.

In school little Hugh Hefner didn’t waste any time. Teachers remember him as an integral personality. He had no time to wipe the panties on the couch, even then, he founded a school newspaper that can be called the first prerequisite of his journalistic career and further editorial work.

Later in 1950 Hefner received a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but we all know that this is not always of great importance in employment. After graduating, Hugh has gone full-tilt into adult life. He started his journalism career with the post of advertising copywriter for Esquire magazine. He soon dumped the editor-in-chief, because he refused to pay him an extra 5 bucks to paycheck. And rightly so. You would do well to learn from this guy how we need to soberly assess their work. Hugh decided to open my journal. The type of Esquire, only cooler. He took the$ 8,000 45 investors and another$ 1,000 from his mother. She gave the money, «Not because she believed in the magazine, said Hefner in 2006 — but because she believed in his son.»

In 1953, the first issue of «Playboy». And who was on the cover? Nude Marilyn Monroe in all her glory. Of course this is a sensation and has sold more than 50,000 copies.

June 4, 1963, Hefner was arrested for selling obscene literature after the Playboy magazine with Nude pictures of Jayne Mansfield, but later Hugh was acquitted. The jury failed to reach a verdict.

A couple of years, Hefner founded the Playboy Foundation, which provides grants to nonprofit groups fighting censorship and researching human sexuality. In 1960, Hugh appeared before fans of Playboy in a new way — in a silk Smoking jacket and a pipe in his hand. It was the Golden year of Playboy. State of the Hefner grew by leaps and bounds.

By 1970 the circulation of the magazine has reached 7 million copies a month. Two years later, Hugh made a profit of 12 million dollars. However, in the mid- ‘ 70s Playboy has faced competition began to grow and there were new magazines for men that were more popular.

manygoodtips.com_16.07.2014_ITwEnCpY4GVppWith his first wife, Hefner lived for 10 years, after the divorce, he is 30 years old was a bachelor. Of course, not excluding sexual relations with the models from their magazine. There was a time when Hugh lived in his mansion with 7 girls at the age from 18 to 28 years. Yeah… that was the dream.

Old Hugh was lit not only in Playboy. He has his own personal star on the walk of fame. And he played a couple of times in the movie, as himself and even won the award for «worst supporting actor» in 2009. It adds more epic-ness of his image.

In recent years, Hefner is working on the creation of the autobiographical film. Several popular stars were named as contenders for the lead role, among them such actors as Tom cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert Downey Jr.

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