Meet a single mom


For some guys who don’t want to be burdened by the Holy bonds of matrimony, and that just turns on the children, meeting with the single mother — a real nightmare. In all my life I have met plenty of perfectly adequate bro, who were convinced that the meeting with the girl, who was married and had children from him, absolute nonsense. «There are so many girls, man, why take the one with a child? I understand that it can be cool, but why not make your child the girl with him yet?» — not so long ago told me pretty close friend and former colleague. He, by the way, from the girls with kids always running around.

But if you want to get the girl, a single mother, you have to understand that conventional approaches don’t work here. Also please don’t do that, the excess of sympathy. So any sincere and sincere.

Other methods

Unfortunately, we used to connect to communicate with new girlfriend experiments of our previous relationship. But the single mother, the approach should be slightly different. Of course, the essence of Dating is to impress and therefore win. It never changes. But the methods must be different. We are all equal. That is, women have every reason to give green light or not to give it, that woman no one asks an illusion. Be ready even to the fact that a single mother will completely negate everything you thought about women before, and will change your approach to them. If you’re so sunk in your heart for this girl to be ready for major changes.

Cool moms everywhere

If your field of view was a great single mom, you need to develop a strategy to gain her trust. And now forget about strategy. The main thing is your weapon — honesty. Come on selfish desire and think about the line that you must cross.

Not fooling. She has fooled her before, so she’s got the scent. Her defense mechanisms can of course be weak, but they are. What you do not tolerate a single mother — a repetition of the past. The fact that she’s a mother and one, as it suggests, right? Most likely, she is quite well versed in the games of men. And I’m not talking about poker, man! You have pretty sweat.

There’s something else. It’s a child, it also must be considered. In order to begin to meet this girl, you need to settle with her. And with her child. But a bit of realism will not hurt, man. You think your life is hard? So, this girl all is much more difficult! She’s responsible for himself and for another life. She hardly have time for myself, still need to work.


As you already know, the lack of a relationship with a single mother — this is her Luggage. She has more obligations than you, more bills to pay, more challenges and a lot of stress. Her life is much more serious than yours. And she has much less time for leisure.

The main part of her compassion, devotion and sympathy beat her child. You can fight for second place? Because for the most part, her child will default to much more of her love. You should be able to understand and accept this fact.

And the child may start to hate you…

No one will blame the child for what he will hate you seemingly apparent reason. You’re a different person. You some threat on his father’s place, would you like it or not. There is no rule to gain the child’s attention. Of course, it may be advisable to work on the relationship with the mother and to wait when the child will catch up. But I would not advise this approach, because the child is still important.

Expect resistance and resentment no matter how sincere you are and handsome man. You are in a very difficult situation that requires a lot of time and effort to become comfortable. Are you ready for such a sacrifice? Make sure this woman is worth it or you’ll break more than just her life.

There is no risk without reward

The advantage of single mothers that she knows all the rules of the game and somehow need the relationship. For most girls you need a translator to understand what they mean. From single mothers don’t have time to be playful and mysterious. She truly tells you what she expects and wants from you.

Now you are exempt from having to be insincere. A single mother welcomes the honesty and responsiveness more than other women who have suffered in the past year from indifferent actions or novels. She needs to change diapers, work, and teach your child the basics of life, what do you think, does she have to deal with cockroaches in the head and indecision? So go ahead, tell her what’s happening.

Award for relationship with a single mother can become significant. It may ultimately prove to be the most faithful and loving woman you will ever meet, if you show patience and compassion from the beginning.

Her child will perceive you as a family friend and later father. You will do good to the whole family! But if you don’t want a commitment, get out, don’t go ruining people’s lives!

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