Means of self-defense: the guy that will come in handy in low places

What distinguishes a free person from the unfree person? Samuel Colt, the legendary American gunsmith, long ago answered this question – possession of a weapon. It equalizes the chances of people different in body type, health, gender, and so on.

Today we will look at legal ways to enhance their survival in the urban jungle or the wilds of our country. There is no doubt that you have had such moments in life when the means of self-defense would not be amiss. And if you’re not strong in street attacks with fists, then self defense you could really use. Let’s look at what works best in different situations.



It is usually said that he will not be able to help in a serious collision. And people who say this, are right. Pepper spray is a way of escape, but not fight. However, he may need the man.

The first thing to establish when choosing a pepper spray, is it the spray method. It is best to take a can of jet spray, as this option is more convenient indoors, but if you are going to attack a pack of rabid Gopnik, aerosol-jet method of spraying will be much more beneficial, because it has width, and it is always easier to get. Give up conventional spray: when sprayed a rare chance to please pepper concentrate right in my eyes.

In our country such a thing can buy anyone over 18 years old. If you’re lazy or sociophobe, that he created for you, as close contact with a successful use it can be immediately deleted.



The stun gun is widely used in the police of different countries, but also took a fancy to him and the guys from the citizen. The advantage of stun is that it does not leave behind any traces, and it is a very significant advantage, especially in a country where the number of acquittals in connection with the excess of self-defense in the range of 2-3 percent.

But there are some nuances when working with it. Must be thoroughly trained in terms of Hobbies and close contact with the enemy, because of your ridiculous movements the enemy can easily Dodge and kick you in the head, and then stab with a knife. So don’t be lazy, try to practice on one another in order to feel more confident in case of an unexpected collision. In General, if you want to quickly and correctly disable the enemy, the Taser is what you need.

Traumatic weapons


We got to the fun part. In our country there is a ban on firearms, although many support its full legalization, but opponents and supporters of a particular point of view on this question – the darkness. But fortunately, we still have the opportunity to buy the so-called «non-lethal weapons», and this concept includes several different categories of civilian weapons. But we concentrate on just the groups that we used to call trauma.

Firearms limited destruction is, roughly speaking, guns that shoot rubber bullets and that might not only scare puzzled criminals, but also to put in the hospital. Although you need to have some luck. If you are not ualbany object gangsta streets, which will be for you to go, even if your hands will be a couple of grenades, it will be sufficient to just demonstrate the gun well, and if not, then shoot, what is really there. But one should always realize the consequences of their actions, because, as mentioned above, the number of acquittals on the fact of abuse of self-defense is extremely low. However, it is better alive in jail than dead and in the gutter, man.

To obtain permission for such weapons need to pass a little of the legal procedure, write a statement of the Affairs of the community, to bring a couple of pieces of paper from doctors and passport. Then you call police and provide an opportunity to buy a gun. No problems in this regard were noted, but will have to spend for school, and all sorts of checks in the state agencies.

Don’t let it get to you, man!

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