Mayonnaise from cannabis

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Yes, why not come up with a progressive in every sense of the Netherlands to be progressive Netherlands! Even that mayonnaise was invented… from hemp. It us a bit like the series of books «dune», where the food is made of drugs giant sand worms excrement. But we digress.

In fact, the network of Dutch cafe «Manneken Pis» (that in translation into Russian language of «Manneken Pis») in the menu appeared mayonnaise from the leaves of this well-known plant. However, for fans of the Netherlands note: mayonnaise contains no toriumi substances, such as, for example, tetrahydrocannabinol, it just smells like hemp. And the taste of it is appropriate.

To submit a plan mayonnaise for your fries. Where did such strange idea? The fact that one of the restaurants adjacent to one of the famous coffee shops, and there is a very well smell cannabis. So the owners of the «Manneken Pis» has decided, so to speak, to combine.

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