Maybe enough hysteria?

It was a already did one of the most challenging and binding targets: found your girl may plan to spend the rest of your life, not just the coming weekend. Now remains the case for small – to keep your relationship, the fragility of which you have not feel. Well, nothing, when the first scandals will understand what you’re dealing with.

Most importantly, don’t panic. If this is your first relationship, you shouldn’t too serious about domestic scandals. Think of this as a way to release negative energy. You need to deal with why are you arguing and why your love can turn into mutual indifference.

1. You forgot why you love each other

You have ceased to pay attention to those little things that first attracted you to each other. There is no time for youthful romance. You have work, chores, and no time to enjoy each other. That is why we often suggest you to do small gifts for your girlfriend. To pay her a little attention and give care.

Go along to the premiere of the new film. As before, get the tickets on the last row. Although it is not even desirable to go to the premiere, on the contrary, it is better to choose the film worse. You haven’t had sex in a movie? This is a great alternative to the creaking bed, which you still can not understand. You need to brush up on your feelings too monotonous attitude you have lately.

Remember what you fell in love with her. Maybe for her kindness? Or the smile that look even your friends even though you might not notice. Maybe it is all in her ridiculous clothes or funny hair? It is only you know. Now, look again at all these delights that you once fell in love.

2. You don’t remember good moments

Therefore, they should always be in sight. If you don’t remember you having a good time together, it does not mean that you will be only negative. Sometimes you remember the first summer together, first New year, how you were with friends at some concert, when all got drunk in the trash.

To refresh your memory photos help. And better if they are not on the phone. Give a friend a cool album for photos. She prints the photo with the most memorable events and pasted them in an album. Girlfriends love to do it again. Soon she’ll get special tokens to buy a bunch of special parts and will engage in the development of your story. You can view this album and enjoy the memories. No, it’s not feminine. A real man needs to find the strength to admit that the love he was powerless.

3. You will not appreciate

You just take your relationship for granted. As it should be. Once you have already achieved, so now it is possible not to pay special attention to their actions. By the way, she does the same. She was no longer watching them as much as before, and you don’t notice. You are drowning in this relationship.

Don’t forget to take care of it and try to give her to understand that she must be mindful of their responsibilities, not everything rests on you. If you get sick, a friend needs to meet you with warm soup and an armful of drugs, not the removal of the brain.

4. Already there is no romance

Sex. If it was at all. It seems that the time has come to fulfill his promise to give her the best sex ever with a really long foreplay. Try for once to feel it. Let it be something slow and sensual.

It seems that you have not had children petting and lewd obscenities you used to whisper into each other ear. Now you’re just fucking. Bravo. Try to fix it, man!

5. You’re not cheerful

Women always say that the main thing in a man is sense of humor. Of course, not a member, and the quality of sex. But that’s why she hasn’t left you yet even though you turned into a sad shit. Give me five, man! You got them! You know what they are really dependent.

Only here it’s still not a reason to stop laughing and having fun together. You should seriously think about your relationship if you no longer PARETE over each other when I go home on foot. Laughter, even if he doesn’t prolong life, it certainly continues the relationship.

6. Have you lost the sense of unity

To some extent this is affecting the level of trust. You can’t with full confidence say that if you happen to problem, and they will happen, your friend won’t leave you in a difficult moment and will go with you to the end.

It turns out that you have no longer a relationship. If you can’t be fully responsible for the jambs each other, then you have nothing to do together. Let’s throw a farewell sex and get away from each other. You must be completely sure in your girlfriend’s absolutely as it should be sure you.

7. Maybe you don’t talk much

They say that girls love with their ears, may do so. If she wants to once again hear that you love her, tell her that more often. What is it to you? And it is better if you’re not just talk, but do understand that your feelings for her are quite serious.

Tell her what you felt when you saw her for the first time, what did you feel when you first touched and kissed her. For her, it is all very important. She will share with you their feelings and you can become even closer to each other.

In General, try not to hold grudges inside. It is not necessary to hammer on all the scandals and marrying them solely make-up sex. Sometimes, you do have to understand the problem to avoid recurrence.

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