Mature woman or big girl?

manygoodtips.com_23.06.2014_SNpCgMSRD3hhBInfantilism in recent years occurs in men as often as women. But the traditional concept of the type «stone wall» and «male needs» to create among women a far greater percentage of infantile than among men. Find adequate adult personality is not just in our time, but it is always possible to determine whether she is Mature enough, a girlfriend or a girl you have to take care of, and you should not pot anymore. And it is not even of age. A girl of 23 years may be a Mature person at that time, as a lady over thirty, the concept of «adult» not to face.

Women and girls see the world differently. They understand the world differently. And they interact with it in different ways. Girls are a dime a dozen, but women… women deficit. But you can always tell a girl from a woman, if you listen to advice

1. Girls like revealing clothes because they think it makes them look sexy

If a girl wears short shorts and sometimes not wearing a bra so appetizing nipples shone, women know how to look sexy regardless of what they wear. Why? Because an adult woman knows what to wear provocative attire is not the only way to be attractive. The more ladies are confident in their own appearance, the less they become bare. Confident in her appearance dressed simply, it can be seen that they were not going to meet more than two hours.

2. Girls expect men to guess their desires, thoughts and feelings

Well, you know this stuff. She believes that you should guess about all the troubles and her thoughts on some bodily fluids that fly in the air. This is because she did not think about the fact that different people think in different ways, and speculate on something that is not always possible. Adult and intelligent person understands that it is necessary to speak and use words for more obvious expressions of his thoughts.

Girls think (thanks to women’s magazines) that men must understand them so well that it is enough just to hint. But this is not so. The woman knows that the hints could be interpreted as anything but the precise wording have all the chances to be understood one hundred percent. Unfortunately, this simple truth does not digest the female sex and sometimes even to the death. So ladies get upset and become very angry at men. Because everything is so cheesy!

3. Girls expect you to pay for them always and under any conditions

Even if you are her friend and don’t plan to sleep with her. Immature girls believe that you have to feed them only on the basis that they were born with two Breasts and that nice smile. They believe that it is the usual course of things, that it should be.

The normal adult she realizes that she is not obliged to feed. If you insist and want to pay for her, she would not resist, however, she may firmly refuse under a logical pretense. If it’s not a date, she quietly pay for the salad, and cheesecake and coffee, because he understands that this is a friendly meeting, no one owes nothing, and she can feed herself.

4. Girls do not know restraint in alcohol

A drunk woman is the worst in the world. It’s one thing when she drinks the Cup of the other, dance and go home, but if she doesn’t know their limits, be sure before you immature girl in the human body much over 18.

Go to the club or any decent pub on a Friday night, will definitely meet one or two of these. It seems they are no longer in school and even in College, but always welcome free booze and drink to unconsciousness. Then, of course, they become «experienced» ladies, and get to old age to tell a huge number of stories, which all begins with the fact that they Wake up in the homes of others in an indecent form.

If the lady knows the boundaries, she’s an adult.

5. The first thing that makes a girl in a new relationship — update your status in Facebook

If an adult can ever forget that he has a Facebook or VK, girls seem to only live in order to change statuses and write profound phrase on the walls and blogs. Women are too busy with real life, so they are not disturbed by such trifles.

If on the second day after your strong argument it will change the status, and on the wall VK will be a picture with some meaningless text, full of false suffering, know that it is completely immature.

Of course, ultimately, big girls will change the relationship status, but it will happen much later, when their surroundings are already going to be in the subject.

6. Girls watch TV when I want to take

After work any immature person who doesn’t know what to do with the time between earning money and sleep, will do some nonsense. Flipping friends smartphone, lying on the bed belly up, or stick to your favorite black box. Questionable ways of leisure very much, and they all allude to the inability to dispose of his life and time. The girl fills his life with pointless trash pop culture, for example, domestic soap operas and the best samples of foreign. Women know that you need to spend time wisely. Mature girl turn off the box and pull out a book, download a good movie, play a good game or doing your favorite hobby. This happens because newsasia the girl said that the rest is to be occupied by something other than the work.

7. While talking girls talk about the little things that mean nothing

This is probably one of the biggest differences. Most immature girls are terrible during the conversation. They talk about trivial things, discussing their Boyfriends, and conversations are reduced to gossip, haikaram and discussions of the type «who said what and looked. The problem with girls is that they do not have any intellectual Hobbies or interests. In fact, they have their own opinions, what they say is other people’s words that were overheard and published for his own point of view.

A grown woman not only interests, but, more importantly, knows how to keep the conversation going. Immature girls are boring, and women exciting.

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