Masturbator from the supermarket


In America, there is almost legendary hypermarket various nonsense Walmart, which famously first introduced the use of mini scooters for very fat people. The company has become somewhat synonymous with buying many things that nobody wants, and icon of consumption. But today we are not about that.

A regular visitor and a nice lady named Bette Davis after a session of shopping we decided to go to the toilet. The clock was half past seven in the morning, but the calendar was a Saturday, middle of the week. When grandma opened the bathroom door, she saw right in the middle of the room a middle-aged guy named Brian Houslow desperately racked his trunk. The old lady was taken aback, and the man was taken aback and said without stopping: «I’m Sorry, I didn’t know that here can someone come in.» Beth ran out of the toilet like mad, and started shouting loudly: «Help, there’s a naked man masturbating!» but to the aid nobody has come. What we have, however, cynical generation of people that nobody comes to the aid masturbator from the supermarket. The old lady is not confused, she pulled out her phone and started filming the «criminal» who has already pulled up his pants, came out of the toilet and started to leave. The woman followed him and recorded the following: «my name is Beth Davis and I witnessed it. This man was naked, his pants down to his ankles. Someone needs to stop him. Don’t let him get in those doors! Stop this man! Stop! Stop that man!» The woman got justice, and the guy was taken to jail. Judge Dredd would be happy!


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