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manygoodtips.com_23.06.2015_JlhTJqSUbmAspTransport, which have come down to us as if from the universe of «Star wars» is about to become an everyday means of transportation. U.S. Department of defense has already announced that the next air show in front of our eyes will be «flying motorcycles», which are collected in dark forges of Maryland. And if the industry took such a promising vehicle that is very long before the moment when he enters into the enjoyment of civil. And while some history and take a look at those who are desperately trying to breathe life into such a futuristic project.


In Hungary a group of enthusiasts at Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for several months, is working on the creation of individual FLIKE. For the concept taken is quite simple, but not devoid of elegance the decision to combine the three propeller engines into a single lifting-and-propulsion module (I hope I clearly explain). An early prototype is able to get off the ground for a few meters and at low speed to fly a few meters forward without losing altitude. Agree, the ability to purchase brought to mind the transport of this type for the price of the bike sounds more than attractive.

All the mechanisms – and it is a triaxial system with six propellers – work on electricity. The pilot can control the altitude, lateral movements. According to the developers, with the output of one of the propellers down the drone remains stable and remains upright.

However, the market leader in hoverbike is considered to be a Californian company Aerofex, which two years ago presented to the public his revolutionary vehicle. Even then, they were bombarded with questions about when hoverbayk will go on sale. And finally, the representatives announced that they will begin selling commercial models in 2017. However, for individual means of air movement, not depending on traffic, no traffic lights, will have to pay about $85 million and a prepayment of $5 thousand.


Hand in the development of a new «flying motorcycle», the company proceeded from the fact that on the market light helicopters and planes are expensive and difficult to operate and is not available to most consumers. In the basis of the device Aero-X two-channel (tunnel) fans that create lift. According to developers, business model in management is not more complicated than motorcycle or ATV. Hoverbayk flight designed for one or two people over relatively level ground at a speed of 72 km/hour and at a height of 3.7 m.

Aero-X will be able to lift 140 kg and is in the air 1 hour and 15 minutes at full fueling with gasoline. Despite the fact that the aircraft used to lift ducted rotors, less efficient than the machine with open rotor, as the helicopters, they are much cheaper and easier to manage.

However, the technical implementation of the project became possible only due to the fact that the engineers after much effort managed to solve the main problems arising from the creation of such rotary devices in the last decade – the question of stability and controllability. However, there is another problem. Designers have not yet found a solution to resist the sharp gusts of wind. Let’s hope that the output will still be found.

But not only institutions and large corporations operate at work on the transport of the future. The talented self-taught in their garages tinkering their devices.

Australian inventor claims that his flying motorcycle capable of achieving a height of 3000 meters with a man on Board! The flight speed Hoverbike reaches 200 km/h. An amazing machine weighs about 270 pounds, and the fuel tank is enough for 40 to 45 minutes of flight at maximum speed!


The Australian three years working on a Hoverbike. Previously, he worked for several years as a helicopter pilot, so that relevant knowledge he has. To work on a Hoverbike left not only a lot of free time, but also money. Christopher purchased the frame from carbon fiber and the engine from BMW, spending a few thousand dollars!

Man plans in the future to sell a flying motorcycle at the price of 72 thousand dollars for the car. Meantime, the brainchild of Christopher is still at an early stage of development.

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